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Convenient on-the-go hydration

If you’re doing any kind of high-intensity activity like running, cycling or day hiking (or you’d just rather not go through the hassle of fishing out your water bottle), a hydration pack might be your new best friend. With an easy-access hydration reservoir on your back you can keep your attention focused on other things, like monitoring your pace or taking in the sights.

Small and streamlined

Hydration packs are on the lightweight side as far as pack sizes go, with just enough room to carry a hydration bladder and other essentials. A running vest style of pack is your most gossamer option in terms of weight, while a larger hydration pack closer to a standard daypack means more storage space for day hiking supplies or squeaky toys for your four-legged friends.

Cycle-friendly sipping

Lots of bike backpacks are hydration reservoir compatible too, so you can keep your tools handy and breeze down the trail without needing to stop for H2O. Hydration packs for biking often come with adjustable waistbelts, helmet carriers and loops to hold blinky lights for a seamless cycling experience.

There’s the gist — hassle-free replenishment on the fly. Take a look at some hydration bladders and reservoirs if your pack of choice doesn’t come with one included. Otherwise, pick up a hydration pack from outdoor favourites like MEC, CamelBak and Osprey so you can get your litres in and go.