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Water bladders and hydration bladders

Stay hydrated on the move with water bladders and hydration bladders

When you’ve got mountains to climb and trails to run, there’s no time to stop for a drink. Hydration bladders are designed to transport water in your hiking backpack or running vest and keep you hydrated on the go. Hydration bladders include a water reservoir, hydration tube and bite valve. Start by filling up the water reservoir with fresh drinking water. Insert the hydration bladder into your pack of choice and loop the hydration tube through a small tube portal in your pack that lets the tube sit on either (or both!) shoulders. Sip directly from the bite valve that sits at the end of the tube. Some bite valves have an on-off switch so you can run leak-free.

Specific hydration bladders are designed for your activity of choice. Running hydration bladders fit smoothly against your back in your running vest. Refill seamlessly with wide tops and grippy openings so you can refill even with sweaty hands. Hiking hydration bladders are ideal for popping into your hiking pack for long trips and make for easy sipping on the move.

Has your hydration bladder seen a lot of love over the years? Don’t fret if your bite valve is no longer in service due to chewing, replacement bite valves are here! Staying on top of cleaning is a breeze with hydration bladder cleaning sets. Long wire brushes are ideal for keeping your hydration tube debris-free. Pop a cleaning tablet into the water reservoir when you’re back at home to keep it stain and odour free.