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Touring & backcountry skis

Lightweight and durable backcountry skis

Backcountry skis from brands like Black Crows, G3, Salomon and Armada offer exploration of untouched snow, hills free from crowds and speedy wilderness exploration. Typically lighter and narrower than downhill skis, backcountry skis are built to improve your uphill climbing capability and downhill performance.

Made of materials like carbon fiber or fiberglass, backcountry skis are able to maintain their lightweight feel while maximizing durability. Their narrow shape makes it easier to climb to the top of a peak and have flotation on powder.

Backcountry ski bindings are designed to accommodate for both the uphill and the downhill, releasing the heel for the uphill climb and securing it for the downhill shred.

Venturing into the backcountry, while a ton of fun, can bring unpredictable weather and snow conditions so it’s always best to be prepared by stocking up on gear to stay safe in the backcountry like avalanche airbags and avalanche beacons.