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Kayak repair

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    Boat repair to keep you afloat in a pinch

    Even the most experienced boaters can’t always avoid mishaps. Whether it’s a shallow section, a well-hidden rock or just a portaging accident (it happens to the best of us), it’s always a good idea to keep some boat repair supplies on hand in case something happens.

    Boat repair can be something you handle at home when you’ve got everything you need to do more intensive work, but including some basic tools in your dry bag will prepare you for the unexpected so you can continue your trip in peace (and with dry feet, to boot). Options like sealing agents can repair small damage to your boat or other equipment. You can also check out preventative care that can protect your gear from UV damage, among other things.

    Heading out for a boating trip? Don’t forget your boat safety equipment for other kinds of unwelcome surprises. If you’re looking to double-check your packing list, check out our canoe camping or kayak camping checklist for some guidance on what to bring.