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Buoys, fins and kickboards

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Buoys, fins and kickboards to keep you afloat

Even the best swimmers in the world weren’t born with fins. When you’re looking for that extra assistance on the water, swim aids like buoys, fins and kickboards can help bridge the gap and keep you comfortable.

Buoys are floating markers with a variety of uses. Whether they’re anchored in the water or allowed to float freely, they can indicate anything from boating routes, to submerged objects, to the boundaries of a safe swimming area.

Fins are exactly what they sound like: a water shoe in the shape of a fin that you can strap on to your feet to increase your speed and efficiency in the water. The added surface area of a pair of fins mean that each kick sends you further, making it easier to build momentum as you swim.

Kickboards are a type of floatation device that are especially helpful to those still getting comfortable with swimming. Holding onto a kickboard is a great way to practice moving in the water while worrying less about keeping your head above the surface.

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