Camp kitchen secrets

May 12, 2016

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Want your camp-chef repertoire to consist of more than hot dogs, chips, tang and warm beer? You just need the right tools (and access to these little known secrets) to rise in the ranks from camp cook to camp chef. From smoked brie to ice-cold margaritas, we’ve compiled our go-to kitchen essentials and prep techniques for elevating a camp kitchen.

Craft camp snacks

Sure, chips are great, but there’s a lot to be said for classy camp snacks made the slow way. See how it’s done.

The secret: Camp Chef Popcorn Popper

Camp hootenannies and recoveries

Our methods for lantern-lit kitchen parties and peachy mornings.

The secret: GSI Vortex Blender

Kick your camp into gear

Easily the most delicious way to get your crew out of bed in less than 10 minutes. Get caffeinated below:

Pro-grill techniques

Technique transforms your packable, ultralight grill from handy appliance into camp-chef secret weapon.

The secret: Light My Fire Grandpa’s FireGrill

Take your camp chef game to the next level. Explore our latest camp kitchen gear and toys.

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