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Cheers to the cheerers

May 8, 2017

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Thank you for being our witnesses.

Of every second wind, kilometre crushed, shin iced, knee braced. Of every fuel up and cool down. Of every event entered. Of every challenge accepted.

To our friends and family who act as our tireless supporters and motivators on the sidelines of any race or event – thank you for being there to wish us luck before the starting pistol and to greet our sweaty, shaky selves at the finish line.

A race is a chance to set new records, to beat personal times and to prove to yourself that you can always be a better athlete. But it’s also a chance to take part in a larger event, to experience a collective environment that celebrates human tenacity and perseverance. Without loyal cheerers equipped with cold water, inspiring words and silly signs, these races wouldn’t be the same.

Funny cheer sign at a running race

Thank you to our cheerers for enduring our whines about every ache and pain, for forgiving us for not coming out on weekends because we had to wake up early to train. Thanks for being our champions, for massaging our calves (and, at times, our egos); thanks for every moment that you spent out in the cold, applauding our feats, without complaint.

We get the bibs, and sometimes even medals, but you deserve credit, too – for getting up early and braving the weather with us, for being prepared with snacks in your pockets and enough energy and cheer to motivate our next strides. While we may not be able to stop to thank you at the time, never underestimate how much a familiar face or word of encouragement helps push us through a difficult stretch.

Thank you for telling us to go for it, whether we faced muddied trails or sun-warmed streets, because you always believed that we would cross the finish line. The best supporters are those who tell us to get outside because they can see when we need them to; because they can’t wait to be there, cheering our names at the finish line, showing us how proud they are.

High five at the finish line of MEC Edmonton race

Whether we’re at the front of the crowd or dragging behind, whether it’s our first race or our twentieth, you turning up gives us something to run for.

Thanks for being there to meet us.

Thanks to our cheerers – cheers to you.

Have a dedicated cheerer in your life? Share this post with them to say thanks for all their support, high-fives and hugs at the finish line.

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