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Craft s'mores: Boost your camp snack game

May 19, 2016

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Can we take a moment to discuss the genius of the camp s’more? Melty, crunchy and beautifully gooey – it’s probably the best camp snack ever. But here’s the thing: most folks have experienced only one variety of s’more. Sure, it’s a bonafide classic, but doesn’t a snack as universally lauded as the s’more deserve just a bit of experimentation?

Enter our craft s’more guide: a way to change how campers think about the humble yet much-loved s’more. We get that s’more traditionalists are apt to be a bit offended by the following experiments in s’moredom but, seriously, these are well worth a try. We’ve included some potential beverage pairings as well, for all the s’moreliers out there (sorry, we had to).

S’mores kebabs

Fresh local fruit + marshmallows + melted butter + toppings

S’mores without chocolate? Oh yes, it’s possible (and delicious). Chefs Chuck Hughes and Danny Smiles show us their twist on classic camp s’mores with sweet local peaches and over-the-top toppings.


Black and white cookies + marshmallows

Craft s'mores

Decadent in every way, this craft s’more combines two of the world’s finest desserts into one delicious, gooey mess. Recommended pairings include White Russians, reasonably hoppy IPAs or a cool glass of milk.

Simian s’mores

Graham crackers + marshmallows + bananas + peanut butter cups

Craft s'mores

A subtle yet striking variation on the common s’more that pairs masterfully with root beer and dessert porters.

S’more snaps

Gingersnaps + marshmallows

Craft s'mores

Pared back yet deceptively complex, s’more snaps blend the creamy texture of marshmallow with gingery spice for a truly well-rounded treat. Pairs well with chai tea or a slightly spicy saison.


Tortilla + chocolate spread + peanut butter + marshmallows

Craft s'mores

Playful and well-balanced, this rich and messy treat perfectly concludes a night spent enjoying hand-blended camp margaritas.

S’mores en blanc

Vanilla cookies + marshmallows + white chocolate

Craft s'mores

Surprisingly light on the palate, a carefully crafted s’mores en blanc elevates tones of vanilla and honeydew from a nicely chilled pinot grigio, chardonnay or can of coke.

Breakfast s’mores

Pancakes + marshmallows + strawberries + maple syrup

Craft s'mores

If it’s brunch you’re after, this s’more delivers. Substitute chocolate spread for maple syrup for a more traditional approach. Beverage pairing? A deep, chocolately espresso extracted from your AeroPress or hot chocolate.

Did we miss any good combinations? Let us know on Facebook and tag us in your s’mores photos @mec on Instagram.

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