Gift ideas for people who really, really like coffee

It’s no secret that I’m a coffee person. Coffee addicts walk among us – you might be married to one, you might work with several of them, you might be one yourself. I’m not big on traditions or rituals, but there is one that I subscribe to every morning: my coffee routine. Whether it’s visiting my favourite local coffee shop or making camp coffee with my trusty Aeropress, I savour my one-cup-a-day habit.

I’ve put together a list of my favourite gifts for coffee lovers to support your caffeinated friends and family (or maybe even you) this holiday.

1. The perfect cup of coffee

Aeropress Coffee Maker

No one can deny that the Aeropress makes the perfect cup of coffee. Last year, I gifted this to my friends when their son was born, which happened to be right before Christmas. Needless to say, they’re eternally grateful.

2. A lot of coffee, fast

GSI Deluxe 8-cup Percolator

Not everyone wants to go through the motions of the Aeropress for just one cup of coffee. Sometimes you need 8 cups of coffee in a hurry, and that’s where this giant enamel percolator saves the day. It’s one of the best presents for coffee lovers, especially for families or or group camping trips. (No one wants to communicate with people they like before they’ve had their first cup.)

3. A wee espresso cup

GSI Espresso Cup

Some coffee fans strictly stick to espresso. This GSI espresso cup will fit neatly in their stocking.

4. A personal press

GSI Personal Java Press

This lightweight personal java press will keep them caffeinated on camping and climbing trips, or on their route from home to work. There’s also a larger version if they need more of the good stuff

5. The “I get so many compliments on this mug from baristas” mug

GSI Glacier Stainless Steel Camp Cup

A coffee mug that they’ll be proud to carry (and it also reduces waste).

6. Coffee in a pinch

Alpine Start Premium Instant Coffee

Instant coffee? Sacrilege! It’s not anyone’s first choice as a true coffee connoisseur, but instant coffee is better than no coffee at all. Especially when you’re travelling or camping.

7. Feel-good coffee chocolate

Cocoa Camino Organic Fair Trade Espresso Dark Chocolate

This Cocoa Camino chocolate is organic, fair trade and kosher with flecks of ground coffee… just the right thing as a little gift or stocking stuffer.

8. Fingerless gloves

Auclair Ragg Wool Fingerless Gloves

Wait, what do gloves have to do with enjoying coffee? Picture your favourite person going for a walk on a wintery day wearing these cozy wool gloves while clutching a warm cup of coffee. End scene.

9. Espresso anywhere

Wacaco Nanopresso Portable Espresso Machine

For coffee aficionados who want luxurious espresso with crema, I recommend the Wacaco Minipresso. The process is a bit more involved than some of the other coffee makers, but if they only have one cup a day it’s totally worth it. Their newest product, the portable Wacaco Nanopresso, is slightly more technical; it has 18 BARs of pressure compared to the Minipresso, which has 8. Some coffee-lovers believe more pressure can help you make a better quality shot.

10. DIY barista on the go

Cafflano Klassic Coffee Maker

An impressive 5-in-1 coffee maker that includes everything they need to be their own barista: a drip kettle, hand grinder, dripper with stainless steel filter, tumbler and lid.Throw in some Fair Trade coffee beans to complete the set.

11. A cheerful mug

United by Blue Rise and Grind Enamel Mug

A classic handmade enamel coffee mug for their camping trips, or for when they’re at work but secretly wishing they were drinking coffee in the middle of the forest. Bonus: For every product sold, United By Blue removes 1 pound of trash from the world’s oceans and waterways.

12. A tasteful flask

Glacier Stainless Steel Classic Flask

This stainless steel flask will allow them to retire their morning coffee into an evening nightcap. I also like this stealthy insulated flask from Stanley.

13. Lightweight latte set

Snow Peak Cafe Latte Set

This lightweight cafe latte kit includes a compact milk foamer so you can have your brew and foamy milk too (available online only).

14. A compact kettle

Sea to Summit Camp Kettle

A camp kettle for backcountry adventures. Its food-grade silicone body has enough capacity for 1.3L of water to make all the coffee (or to rehydrate food), and it collapses flat when you’re not using it.

The need for coffee is universal, so no matter which item you choose, your friends and family will be sure to love it. Thanks a latte for reading this post. For more coffee literature, read my coffee addict’s guide to camp coffee.

A big, fully caffeinated thank you to MEC staffer Stephanie for putting the Wacaco Nanopresso into action in our photos.

Missy Shana
Missy Shana

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