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Gift ideas for people who really, really like coffee

October 31, 2019

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It’s no secret that I’m a coffee nerd. I’ll drag friends blocks out of our way in an unfamiliar city in search of the perfect cup, despite the fact that “there’s a place right here, Shauna.” I’ll delay early morning starts by quietly slipping around the corner to the espresso bar, even though there’s drip at the bakery my friends wanted to go to.

My love of goodcoffee has been described by those close to me as my “most irritating quality,” so I figure at this stage it’s too late to go back – why not lean into it like the handle of a finely crafted French press?

In that spirit, I’ve put together a list of my favourite gifts for coffee lovers to support your caffeinated friends and family this holiday – maybe you’ll even find something for your own wishlist, too.

1. The perfect cup of coffee

Close-up of a person pressing an Aeropress to make coffee

No one can deny that the Aeropress makes the perfect cup of coffee. But did you know it weighs less than a hiking boot? It hits that rare sweet spot where convenience and coffee-snobbery overlap. A great gift for your friend who loves chasing vistas as much as they do crema.

Person using an Aeropress

2. A lot of coffee, fast

Deluxe 8 Cup Percolator

Sometimes you need eight cups of coffee in a hurry, and that’s where this giant enamel percolator saves the day. It’s my sleeper fave on this list, despite there being no mention of “flavour profile” anywhere in the product description (gasp!). There’s just something about a big hot cup of diner-style percolated coffee – best enjoyed at the crack of dawn in the middle of nowhere.

3. Fresh ground coffee on the go

Snow Peak coffee grinder

Any coffee aficionado worth their sugar knows that freshly ground beans beat pre-ground beans by a mile. Give your favourite coffee lover the gift of fresh ground wherever they go with this hand-cranked grinder that folds down for easy packing. Complete with adjustable ceramic burr to dial in the just the right grind for their set-up.

4. A personal press

GSI Personal Press

This lightweight personal java press will keep them caffeinated on camping and climbing trips, or on their route from home to work. There’s also a larger version if they need more of the good stuff

5. A to-go (and go and go and go) mug

GSI blue enamel camp mug

Caffeine on the go, zero waste style. This handy travel mug is double-wall vacuum-insulated with a press-fit lid. Keeps hot drinks hot or cold drinks cold – plus it scores big time nostalgia points with its classic camp mug styling.

6. Co-op coffee

Equal Exchange organic coffee beans

Nicely roasted beans they can feel good about grinding up. Organically grown, and boasting a rich, well-rounded flavour profile, these beans come from a worker-owned co-op that works directly with farmers. Pairs well with the GSI JavaGrind.

7. Coffee in a pinch

Alpine Start instant coffee

Instant coffee? Sacrilege! It’s not anyone’s first choice as a true coffee connoisseur, but instant coffee is better than no coffee at all. Especially when you’re travelling or camping.

8. Feel-good coffee chocolate

Cocoa Camino Espresso chocolate

This Galerie Au Chocolat Espresso Dark Chocolate Bar is fair trade, made with gourmet ingredients, with flecks of ground coffee… just right as a stocking stuffer.

9. Espresso anywhere

Wacaco Nanopresso

For coffee lovers who can’t go without their crema, this portable handheld espresso maker is just the ticket. The deceptively compact Wacaco Nanopresso pumps out espresso at 18 bars of pressure for a café-quality shot every time and on any camping trip.

10. A cheerful mug

United by Blue Rise and Grind mug

A classic enamel coffee mug for their camping trips, or for when they’re at work but secretly wishing they were drinking coffee in the middle of the forest. Bonus: For every product sold, United By Blue removes 1 pound of trash from the world’s oceans and waterways.

11. Jet pack (and backup jet pack)

Planetary Designs mug and personal press

This personal press does double duty as a mug and comes complete with a secret compartment for storing extra grounds. Awesome for days on the go when one cup just isn’t enough.

12. A compact kettle

Sea to Summit Camp Kettle

A camp kettle for backcountry adventures. Its food-grade silicone body has enough capacity for 1.3L of water to make all the coffee (or to rehydrate food), and it collapses flat when you’re not using it. And an added comes with mugs and bowls!

Thanks a latte for reading – hopefully you’ve got some gift ideas brewing. And, if you’re anything like me, you’ve also got a craving for a second cup. To the kitchen!

A big, fully caffeinated thank you to MEC staffer Daniel for putting all the coffee gear into action in our photos.

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