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Gift ideas for them

The holidays bring a sense of tradition. And some traditions are great to keep, for example, my love of playing Mariah Carey’s 1994 holiday album on repeat. But some could use a revamp.  

Lists of who’s been good and bad could run us all into trouble (see my musical choice above). And the commonly seen lists of “gifts for her” and “gifts for him” don’t really speak to everyone who loves getting outside.  

So, in the spirit of getting out of the binary and finding new traditions, here’s a list of gifts for them. The awesome ideas below don’t have a gender specified in the label, and we recognize that the retail term unisex isn’t one that reflects complex gender identity. We’re working on it!

1. Light My Fire Spork

What better way to break away from the binary of cutlery than to have it all… in one! The Light My Fire Spork comes in all kinds of colours.  Why not get them a two-pack to give them double (or is it quadruple at this point?) the fun. 

2. Smart socks 

We all know we’re already going to get (and secretly love) socks in our stockings, so here’s an attractive pair to give your non-binary friend that will have their toes wiggling, running or hiking in excitement.

3. Leatherman Wave +

Do the queers in your life dream of leaving the city to live on a co-operative organic farm and homestead with their friends? Mine too. Give them a gift to help them take their first multi-tool step. The Leatherman Wave + has all the tools they’d need, and there’s even an option with a leather case for a classic feel. 

4. A rad cap

For the cycle commuters by day and hipster cool cats by… all the time. This Ciele GoCap isn’t defined by gender. It’s just cool.

5. Sunglasses strap

It goes so well with the Ciele Gocap look that it just needs to happen. Think of the cap and sunglasses strap duo as a ready-to-ride-to-your-local-brewery gift pack. 

6. Solar power

Did your genderqueer honey just tell you they’re planning to do a huge hiking trip out west or a canoe trip in Algonquin Park? This BioLite Solarpanel is a great gift to keep their devices going, to stay on track and keep in touch.

People giving each other Blundstones and Glerups

7. Cozy slippers

After a big day outside, handmade wool slippers are just the thing for tired (but happy) feet. Send your fave queer the coziest Glerups slippers to show you care.

8. Camp together seat

Because you never know when the need to lounge will hit, prepare your friend with a portable, easy-to-deploy seat that everyone else who didn’t think ahead will envy. I have one under my desk. Really.

9. The perfect coffee combo

Aeropress and GSI JavaMill

You can’t go wrong with the Aeropress and a hand-powered coffee grinder for the cute genderqueer barista in your life. We all know one. And yes, they are all cute.

10. Daypack for them

The MEC Trail 24 Pack helps streamline a quick adventure, while also acting as a great day-to-day pack. They’re sure to love it and get a ton of use out of it.

11. And one for their pooch

Want to be extra? Get their pooch pal a matching pack for the ultimate theirs and tails adventure package. This one is the Ruffwear Palisades Pack.

12. Blundstones

A nod to the classic Blundstone and their universal love that ascends all gender boundaries. ‘Tis a beautiful thing. 

13. Yeti cooler

For the couple in your life that’s ready for the big commitment of a cooler built for two, right down to theirs-and-theirs handles on each side. Bonus: the Yeti Tundra 45 has just enough space to use as the perfect front row parade seating for two.

A big, rainbow-hug thank you to MEC members Mik and Kim for showing off the Blundstones and Glerups in our photos. Not only do they have the perfect name inversions, but they’ve also got great smiles and rad gift ideas for non-binary folks who love being outside.

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