Person wearing a Honcho Poncho and having fun

Gifts for people who love cabins and cottages

Grass between your toes. Early morning dew on the dock. Post-lake-swim hair. Do you know someone who lives for moments like these and spends every weekend they can at the lake? Whether you call it the cabin or the cottage, these gift ideas are for people who can’t be there enough.

To help you on your search, we pulled together a list of cottage gifts for your cabin-loving friends or family to make the most of hanging out lakeside in Muskoka or in an A-frame with a forest view.

Person having fun while wearing a Honcho Poncho

Put the Honcho Poncho hood up for extra warmth (and fun)

1. Outdoor blanket

The United by Blue Mountains are Calling Wool Blanket defines cozy evenings at the cabin and is a welcome addition to early spring and late-fall evenings watching stars. It’s also great to keep at the foot of the bed for nights when the cold is tougher than usual to shake.

2. A GoPro life jacket

So they can take their GoPro on a kayaking trip around the lake without worrying about losing it if they’re bumped by a boat wave. This GoPro Floaty will keep it afloat and visible.

3. Enamel mug

Sipping warm drinks with a scenic view is a key aspect of cabin time. The s’mores mug or rise and grind mug by United by Blue enamel mug by United By Blue adds a rustic vibe to morning coffee or hot chocolate by the campfire.

4. Coffee for the crew

Brew up a hefty 1.4L of coffee and keep it warm for up to 4 hours. This Stanley Vacuum French Press is just the ticket for slow-going summer mornings and late-risers.

5. Hut slippers

The deck, the front porch and quick trips unloading the weekend’s supplies from the car are no match for MEC Hut Slippers. Packed with warm synthetic insulation, they’re awesome to have around when it’s finally time to open up the cottage for summer.

6. Wireless speakers

Keep the tunes playing around the bonfire or during days by the beach with the Buckshot 2.0 Wireless Speaker.

7. Hot chocolate

The best hot chocolate, made easy. This Cocoa Camino instant hot chocolate is just the thing for canoe trip thermoses and epic board game nights. It comes in four flavours – dark, milk, maple, and chili and spice – and is Fair Trade Certified too.

“My daughter gave me [this] as a Christmas present 2 years ago and I have been buying this hot chocolate ever since. I bought many for Christmas presents and they all loved them.” – review on

8. Waterproof tech sleeve

MEC dry sleeves

Protect what matters most for snapping pics, like a phone, camera or tablet. The MEC Dry Sleeve keeps water damage at bay. Great for the cabin-goer who likes to take videos of splashy cannonballs happening off the dock.

9. Essential camp chair

No deck or campfire is complete without extra seating for friends. The Helinox Sunset Chair is lightweight, so it’s easy to carry to the hangout zone, and it can do double-duty on your camping trips too.

10. Super cooler

Have a long drive to the cottage and need to keep food chilled? Want to keep bevvies cold on day trips from the cabin? The Yeti Roadie 20 Cooler fits 14 x 355mL cans when using the recommended 2:1 ice to beverage ratio. It’s tough enough that you can use it as a standing surface when you’re hauling the canoe off your car roof.

11. Classic lantern

Cabin and porch lovers will thank you for years to come as they enjoy the warm light from the Barebones Forest Lantern. It’s rechargeable and dimmable too.

12. A way to cheers with friends

Nothing says weekend at the cabin better than cheers-ing with friends on a sunny afternoon. Keep your cans crisp and cold (without freezing your hands) with the popular Yeti Rambler Colster.

13. The perfect poncho

The Therm-a-rest Honcho Poncho is a wearable blanket for cold spells or after sunset. Stay nice and toasty without overheating, and keep your snacks close at hand in the giant front pocket. Also amazing for camping or outdoor festivals.

“Best thing ever! I love this poncho with all of my heart. I’m the girl who is always either too hot or too cold, and when I get too cold, it’s game over. This poncho is the best for keeping the game going…” – review on

14. Always-on fleece

A fleece that comes to cottage needs to be plush, thick and durable. The cozy Patagonia Better Sweater is up for the job.

15. Crib board

Games + canoes. What more could you ask for? This canoe cribbage board is a fun addition to any cabin end table or games shelf. The 9cm width might just fit perfectly on the armrest of your Muskoka chair – you wouldn’t even need a table to play.

16. Kids’ sleeping bag

When the kids bring a buddy or an extra little one comes to visit, your friends will be thrilled to have the MEC Little Dipper Sleeping Bag on hand.

17. Drybag

Help them keep waves and weather out with the MEC Brooks Dry Bag. Nothing ruins a canoe trip like needing your backup sweater and finding it wet. This drybag can be the MVP of your next evening paddle.

18. Camp knife

A sharp knife is one of those tools that always comes in handy at the cottage, and this one has some serious outdoor-person cred. Making feather-sticks to start the fire or opening a bag of marshmallows will never be easier (or nicer looking) thanks to the Helle Eggen Knife.

19. Hammock

Something for them to kick back and relax. Literally. The Therm-a-rest Slacker Double Hammock takes any lake lounge to the next level.

Now that you’ve scooped up an awesome gift, we’re sure your invite to the cabin or cottage is secure for at least another year.

A big, cozy thank you to MEC staffer Sok for showing off the comfort-meets-fun potential of the Therm-a-rest Honcho Poncho in our photos.

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