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May 3, 2021

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Getting active outside has never been more important to the health and mindset of Canadians. Despite very real business challenges in 2021, we’re proud that MEC is in a position to renew a legacy of member benefits, services, high-quality products and support for organizations doing critical work in the outdoors with a $1 million donation.

We have more members than ever before! To thank our millions of longtime members and welcome newcomers to the family, we’re rolling out sweet benefits. 

If you’re new, you can easily join MEC with your next purchase. If you’ve ever been a member, you remain a lifetime member of MEC.

The benefits circle back

We believe the outdoors changes lives. Being active outside challenges us, recharges us, makes us better humans. We want to help more people feel the impact of the outdoors – so we’re giving back. This year, MEC is donating 1$ million to Canadian organizations that teach outdoor skills, protect wild spaces and grow the communities of people getting active outside. Meet our 2021 Outdoor Impact partners

We strongly believe the best quality product has the smallest possible footprint, so our aim is to have at least one environmental or social responsibility feature in every MEC Label product by 2025. We’re 85% of the way there and continue to invest to reduce our ecological impact while at the same time, focusing on backcountry performance. See our 2021 responsible product targets

As this year is MEC’s 50th anniversary, we’ll be celebrating with events (when it’s cool to do so), a capsule collection of legendary products and shout-outs to MEC’s adventurous spirit. We’re glad you’re here – and we’re stoked to be part of MEC’s next 50 years.

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