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What type of Pentathlete are you?

January 17, 2020

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From February 22 to March 1, 2020, MEC will present the 16th edition of the Pentathlon des Neiges. Each year, this event draws in a wide range of energetic people (with a few icicles on the tip of their noses) to the Plains of Abraham to get active in the coldest months of the year. The Pentathlon seems to attract five types of participants. Do you recognize yourself in one of these types? 

The Super Fan

Outgoing by nature, Super Fans make sure they have the latest colours and threads, even before their training kicks off. They’re the first to pick up a souvenir toque at MEC and add the Snow Pentathlon frame to their Facebook picture. But where they truly shine is with team spirit. These are the people that bring your crew together. They’re the force responsible for getting your group on a training schedule, and they know what to say to get you out of bed on training days. They’re also most likely to win the Friendship Trophy for your team. Want to see the Super Fan in their natural environment? Check out: #mec#pentathlon#pentathlondesneiges#pdn

The Strategist

They know where they’re going and they know what they want: a victory. And of course, they have an elaborate plan to get there. After they reserve their spot day one of the Pentathlon registration period (probably for one of the solo challenges, because they can do it all, naturally), they train with the dedication and discipline of someone who’s got their eye firmly locked in on the prize. They prepare properly, know all the right workouts and have definitely read 10 keys to a successful winter challenge. Their place on the podium is certainly within reach. 

The Single-minded Specialist

Unlike the Strategist, the Single-minded Specialist focuses all their efforts on a single discipline… and they know every little detail about their sport. They’ve refined their techniques through workshops, and you’ll likely find them discussing an obscure waxing technique with one of the MEC employees in the free repair shop on the Pentathlon site. Passionate as they are, it’s easy for them to forget that other sports exist, so any network outside their discipline tends to be a little underdeveloped. Fortunately for them, many groups (like the Pentathlon Facebook group), exist to help them extend their reach. If you’re looking for a ringer for something in particular, there’s no doubt that the Single-minded Specialist would be a great asset to your team.

The Keener

Part Super Fan, part Strategist, the Keener wants to (and can do) it all. They covet both a place on the podium and the Friendship Trophy. They’ll shout “here!” at the earliest morning workouts, and say “cheese!” at the MEC photobooth that supports #protectourwinterscanada (POW). Following a Keener as they do the rounds will give you a serious cardio workout (something to consider for your own training). But the one weakness of the Keener is that spreading themselves too thin can sometimes lead to exhaustion, so there’s a good chance you’ll see them sprawled out on one of the couches in the MEC Refuge at the event.

The Devoted Spectator

What would the Pentathlon be without them? Devoted Spectators are essential to creating the awesome atmosphere that dominates this snowy event. Although the cheer-genes of most of these creatures are resistant to the cold, there are a few that prefer the greenhouse-like warmth of MEC Refuge. From this cozy zone, they get a prime spot to view the race, along with a chance to try out outdoor gear, rent comfy items for themselves, and sip samples of some bevvies. Inside or outdoors, they’re a key part of Pentathlon even if they’re not doing activities themselves.

Pentathletes: you are all amazing! No matter how to choose to join this massive winter multi-sport party (and no matter what type of athlete you are), we’re always impressed with everyone who makes this event awesome, year after year.

The 2020 Pentathlon des Neiges is February 22 to March 1. Register now.

If you need outdoor gear to participate in the Pentathlon, you can easily rent it online at MEC stores inQuebec,Montreal,Longueuil,Laval* and*Ottawa.

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