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July 24, 2018

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It’s rad to hear about all the summer adventures members are getting up to, from quick-hit weekend getaways to long trips where you finally settle into a vacation groove with morning coffee on day 5.

To set you up for good times, the latest batch of new gear to land at MEC includes some excellent travel items, a headlamp that you can use as a bike light, easy to pull on kids’ Blundstones, the redesigned MEC Uplink Jacket and lots more.

Ecco Soft 7 Sneaker

Classic lace-ups are elevated by a rich, dark leather upper to carry you through from morning commute to happy-hour tacos. A surprisingly lightweight chunky rubber sole stands up to the daily grind.

MEC StuffIt Insulated Jacket

MEC Stuffit Jacket

Why carry your bulky winter coat on fickle-weather days or weekend getaways? This lightweight insulated jacket packs up into its own pocket for deployable protection whenever you need it – or to become a pillow on long flights or overnight train rides.

Beal Escaper

Beal Escaper

No rope left behind. The Escaper lets you rappel a full rope length and then release the rope from the anchor, making it a solid backup in case your rap line becomes lost, stuck or damaged. Loop it through the anchor and back through itself, attach it to one end of your rope to create a strong hold, then descend normally. Once you’re at the bottom, tug it free.

Portland Design Works Pathfinder Headlight

The Pathfinder has a custom reflector that focuses light down into your riding line where you need it most. Light above the riding line helps keep you visible, but it also wastes power and dazzles those around you.

  • Custom-engineered reflector focuses up to 200 lumens down to your riding line.
  • To make sure you don’t drop off anyone’s radar, 2 surface-mounted LEDs flash brightly.
  • Easy USB charging means you can top up your battery nearly anywhere you go.
  • Weatherproof housing means if you’re willing to ride in it, the Pathfinder will light your way.

MEC Super Continent 65 Backpack

MEC Super Continent 65 backpack

This full-sized backpack is ready to trek through Thailand and converts to a suitcase for checking into respectable hotels when you’re tired of roughing it. Once you’ve checked in to your temporary home, grab the integrated fully featured daypack and go explore the area.

  • Panel covers the shoulder straps and hipbelt to safely check it for a flight. Panel stows when not in use.
  • Large zippers let you access the main compartment and an integrated spill gate keeps your gear from falling out when you unzip.
  • Integrated rain cover keeps your belongings dry.

Garmin Vector 3 Pedals Dual-Sensing Power Meter

This dual-sided power-meter provides plenty of cycling dynamics data including left/right balance, time spent in and out of the saddle, power phase analysis as well as platform offset centre, which measures where you’re applying force in relation to the centre of the pedal. With an industry-leading 1% accuracy and measurements taken at the pedals, you can confidently say that every watt it picks up was produced by you.

MEC Uplink Hoodie

MEC uplink hoodies - men's and women's

Sandbagged by an abrupt change in the weather? Whip this super-light technical jacket out of your pack or unclip it from your harness and slide it on. The close cut and elastic quilting underarm and back panels keep the outline lean and eliminate air spaces. Thermolilte synthetic insulation retains warmth when wet.

Blunnies: kids’ Blundstones

Blunnies - kids' Blundstones

These pint-sized versions of the iconic Australian slip-on boot have nifty grab loops that make them easy to pull on. An extra footbed helps it fit growing feet through a growth spurt or two.

Princeton Tec Snap Headlamp

Princeton Tec Snap Headlamp

The Snap is fully dimmable, allowing you to choose how much light you need from 0–200 lumens. The modular housing lets you take the light off its strap and snap its magnetic base to nearly any metal surface for broad area lighting. Extra included mounts let you easily attach your light to your bike’s handlebars, or anywhere you would hook a carabiner.

MEC Travel Light Tote Pack

MEC travel light tote backpack

In case you stumble across a farmers market or interesting pop-up shop, be prepared with this 13L bag. The Travel Light Tote Pack folds up into its interior pocket, making it easy to toss into your purse, pannier or suitcase. Carry it like a tote bag or deploy the hidden backpack straps for heavier loads.

Garmin Vivoactive 3 Music

Garmin Vivoactive 3 music

The vívoactive 3 Music stores up to 500 of your favourite songs and plays them over Bluetooth so there are no cords to get in your way. Plus it has the latest-generation Elevate optical heart-rate monitor to read your pulse information straight off your wrist. Some other highlights:

  • GPS and an internal accelerometer track training metrics like speed and distance information, turning your movement into data.
  • Internet Live Tracking during activities (through a connected smartphone) allows you to share your location and heartrate with friends, family or coaches.
  • Follow daily highs and lows by tracking stressors (monitoring your heart-rate variability). When stress levels are high, a relaxation timer walks you through steps to reduce them.
  • Built-in activity modes for biking, running, walking, swimming (indoor only), strength training (with rep counter), and more.

MEC Turtleneck Long Sleeve Tee

MEC turtleneck

A soft and timeless layer that keeps your neck toasty. The soft organic cotton blend has just hint of spandex for an easy stretch.

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