The ultimate travel pants

So there I was, sandwiched in the middle seat of a 5-hour flight to Toronto. On my right? A passenger with shoulders so broad their elbows dug into my waist. On my left? Someone who immediately removed their sweaty (and potent) shoes the moment they sat down. The flight was fully booked so there was no escaping the situation, but my one consolation was that I was comfortable.

When it comes to travel – especially air travel – we don’t always have a ton of control over our surroundings. What we do have some control over, though, are the things we pack for our trip.

Enter: the ultimate travel pants. While I was wedged between Pointy Elbows and Sweaty Feet, I had some time to think about what makes something a must for travelling. Comfort is key, of course, but so are items that can go from looking put together to going for a run or a bike ride.

The Timeless Pants hit all these things, so I sent them on the road with 2 other travellers to put them to the test. We all reported back:

Melissa D in the MEC Timeless Pant

Melissa D.

RMT, active runner, amateur boxer, member of the Parkdale Road Runners

Traveller profile: Always on the run, Melissa chooses comfort with style on the go, so she’s ready for any adventure.

Melissa’s take:

They are amazing. The waistband doesn’t ride or feel too tight and the stretch is fantastic. I wore them to run to the gym when it was pouring out, and once I was inside, they dried pretty fast considering the amount of rain. I’m not usually a fan of pleated pockets, but the fit is flattering (I have wider hips and booty – so this is always an issue with fit!). These would be great for travellers and anyone who works in an active job that needs freedom of movement, but still needs to look professional.

Sam K.

MEC Social Compliance Manager

Traveller profile: Sam travels about 65 days a year to meet with factories all over the world, such as India, China and Vietnam.

Sam’s take:

I packed the Timeless pants in March for my trip to Asia to meet with our factory partners. Verdict? These were my go-to pants throughout the trip. The lightweight fabric was super comfortable and the material doesn’t wrinkle, so after long flights I didn’t get off the plane looking like I’d never seen an iron.

Back home in Vancouver, I’ve been using them on my bike ride to and from work. Since they keep their shape and don’t get crinkly, I don’t have to worry about changing for the day (side note: my commute is short and sweet, so no shower required). I love them so much that I purchased both colours.

Missy S.

Digital Content Specialist

Traveller profile: I’m a chameleon-like traveller who mixes work with activity and will try anything once.

My take:

I often travel with a carry-on so I can breeze through security (although it’s not always a breeze). To make sure everything fits in my bag, I need clothes that are multi-functional and don’t wrinkle so I can wear them more than once – that’s why these pants were great on my recent trips. Not only did I wear them with heels to a meeting, but I also swapped my dress shoes for trainers and hit up a local trail after a long day. They work with my chameleon-like lifestyle, which is perfect because I don’t want to think too hard when it comes to packing.

Pro tip: These pants are so breathable you can feel the breeze blow right through. For that reason, I don’t recommend them for cold weather, if you get my drift?

From the designer

We designed these pants to be versatile, wrinkle-free and easy to wear them with runners, heels or sandals. The pleats also make the pants flattering for most figures. While we sourced fabrics for these in Taiwan, we tested over 50 different fabrics to see if they would wrinkle. Once we chose the fabric, we put it through our in-house testing to make sure it will work.

For readers looking for the ultimate men’s travel pant we recommend the DU/ER Adventure pant (which gets rave reviews from members) or the Anser short, made of quick-drying material should you feel the need to take a dip in the lake.

DU/ER Adventure pants are made for travel (along with the Convoy roller) and the MEC Anser short doubles as a swimsuit in a pinch.

Pants are just the start of the travel gear we carry. We’re on a mission to make travelling easier, lighter, and more pleasant (even if you’re sandwiched between strangers on a plane or bus). Let us know your favourite travel apparel or gear in the comments on Facebook.

Happy travels!

Missy Shana
Missy Shana

A social media specialist, Seinfeld-quoter who repeatedly travels vast distances for good food.