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Stem replacement on some Polygon Siskiu T7 and T8 Bikes  

If you purchased a Polygon Siskiu T7 or T8 bicycle, MECis asking that you stop riding your Siskiu T7 or T8 bicycle until you can perform an inspection of the stem, which is the piece that connects your handlebars to the rest of your bicycle, as set out below. 

Reason for replacement

MEC has decided to replace the stock stem that comes standard on the Siskiu T7 and T8 bicycles. We have identified two possible issues with these stems. First, some combinations of stem, faceplate bolt and installation technique may result in limited thread engagement. Second, the stem is designed as a “no-gap” stem. While there is nothing inherently wrong with a “no-gap” design, this specific stem is not marked in any way that indicates this method be used when mounting the handlebar to the stem, presenting the possibility that it will be installed or modified in a manner other than specified.

MEC has received no reports of incidents involving this stem. We are undertaking this action out of an abundance of caution.

How to inspect your stem

Some bicycles may have been sold with the stock stem already replaced. To identify if your bike has one of the affected stock stems, please inspect the stem (the piece that connects your handlebars to the rest of your bicycle) for any brand labels. Affected stock stems have no brand labels and a solid black faceplate. Replacement stems will either have an MEC brand label or an e*thirteen brand label on the faceplate.

Stock stem – stop riding. Contact your local MEC bike shop for replacement.

Replacement MEC Stem – ride on! No action needed.

Replacement e*thirteen Stem – ride on! No action needed.

Getting a replacement

If you have a bike with the affected stock stem, please contact the bike shop at the MEC location you picked up your bike from to make an appointment to have your new stem replaced and installed free of charge.

If you have further questions, please contact our Service Centre at 1.888.847.0770 (ask for Returns) or chat with us online.