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    Brake pads 101

    You're cruising along on your bike, and suddenly, you need to stop on a dime. The secret to a quick and smooth stop lies in having a fresh pair of brake pads. Yep, your brakes are only as good as the pads that grip your wheels and bring them to a halt.

    Now, if you're on the hunt for some rim brake pads, here's a pro tip: make sure they jive with your braking system. You have options like the cantilever system or the v-brake system, so compatibility is key. Mountain bikes and road bikes use different rim brake pads. Short pads are used for road bikes, while long pads are for mountain bikes.

    When it comes to disc brake pads, things get more specific. Different disc brake setups have specific requirements for the pads they blend well with. To steer clear of any potential injuries or damage to your bike, make sure to match the pad with the system you've got.

    Once you've snagged yourself some fresh disc brakes, it's time to get down and dirty. Take out those handy bike tools to install your new brake pads. Now you're all set to hit the road with the confidence that comes from having shiny new pads. If you need some guidance, swing by your local MEC bike shop.