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Gifts for the person who’s always late

Do you know someone who differentiates between “ready” and “ready to go”? Do they have clocks purposefully set 5 minutes slow because they “hate feeling rushed”? Save yourself the eye roll and data charges you’ll incur while you wait for them, and get them a time-saving gift off this list instead.

If you have a buddy or family member with a resolution to be more punctual in 2019, then these ideas can help keep them organized and get them out the door faster… even if they do push the snooze button a couple of times.

1. Chocolate incentives

If you can’t beat ‘em, incentivize ‘em to be on time with a chocolate treat from Chuao. A sweet pick-me-up functions as fuel and motivation to get going, especially in the cold winter months.

2. Wrinkle-free pants

Let them skip ironing with the MEC Lina Joggers.

“Just bought these and they look great, super comfy as well. The black are suitable for work but also great for the bike ride there and home. Great for casual wear too.” – from review on

3. Grippy traction devices

Bad winter weather? Don’t let a few unshoveled sidewalks slow them down. These Kahtoola Nanospikes quickly slip over different shoe types so they can get to their destination instead of slipping around.

4. A “hides everything” beanie

Late because they had to wash their hair? The MEC Slouchy Hat takes shampoo (but maybe not the shower) out of the equation. Pop it on to save time dealing with a hairbrush and gel on extra-busy days.

5. Packing cubes

Maybe they’re always late because they can’t find what they’re looking for. Easy-to-organize packing cubes should clear that up.

6. Blundstones

Save precious seconds by eliminating shoelaces with slip-on Blundstones. Other bonuses: they can walk fast without worrying about untied laces, and may not even have to change shoes when they get to work.

7. A techy watch

Send a confirmation text, right to their wrist. The Garmin Fenix 5 also has a countdown timer, but no snooze feature, means they won’t be able to delay when the clock says it’s time to go. Looking for something way simpler? The Casio Water Resist Watch has an alarm feature and a battery that lasts for 7 years (just in case their phone dies).

Person looking at their watch

8. Portable charger

Speaking of phones dying… “I’m late because my phone died,” is a no-go excuse after gifting them a Goal Zero Flip 10 Recharger.

9. See-through pouches

Lost keys and misplaced cards are things of the past thanks to colour-coded mesh pouches. The mesh makes it easy to spot what’s inside each one.

10. Running socks

These Stance socks are supportive and breathable. Because we know they’re always running to the bus/train/parking lot.

11. Daypack

They’ll never forget their keys in their other bag when they have the MEC Trail 24 Daypack that’s durable enough to use on the daily.

13. A go-to to-go mug

Late because they stopped for coffee? This Stanley vacuum-insulated mug won’t leak and keeps coffee they brewed at home hot for 7 hours. It’s designed to be leakproof, which is handy for anyone who has to gather up stuff in their backpack and take off in a flash.

13. GPS

Made a wrong turn? Got lost? We’ve heard that one before. A GPS like the Garmin eTrex 30X clears those excuses right up.

14. Travel alarm clock

Let me guess. They set their alarm for a.m. instead of p.m.? This trusty travel alarm clock from Casio has a 24-hour format to catch chronic oversleepers.

“Best alarm clock ever. I am a student, so waking up on time is not easy, but crucial. This alarm is plenty loud, and plenty strong to withstand my nightstand bashings (the back flipper part on which it stands seems flimsy but it just doesn’t break).” – from review on

15. Bike tune up

Replacing the back wheel of a bicycle

A gift card for a bike tune-up helps them ride faster and smoother, which is especially helpful if (when) they’re running late.

16. Carabiner for keys

Lost keys are a thing of the past with this carabiner key rack from Nite Ize – it keeps keys organized and safely clipped away from couch cushions and under the bed.

And of course, the gift of more time together is the best gift of all. These options will (hopefully) give you both more of it.

A big, well-timed thank you to MEC staffer Tiff for being the super-punctual watch wearer in our photos.

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