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Materials and technology

How do ideas for MEC Label products happen? Sometimes it starts with a challenge from a designer to the materials team, asking for a more breathable or lightweight version of an existing product. Other times it starts with a new material that shows major potential. Regardless of how an idea sparks, our goals for creating something new are simple: reduce our footprint, treat people with respect, and build products you can trust to perform – all at a fair price.

As part of our commitment to product quality, all materials for MEC Label products are rigorously tested and must meet performance requirements before we use them. We make sure materials can stand up to the conditions of use for the products they’re designed for, whether it’s a jacket for backcountry expeditions or a t-shirt for everyday wear.

We use both lab testing and field testing to understand how new and existing material technology performs. For field testing, we create prototype products to be used in real-life situations. It could be carrying a pack on a ski tour trip or wearing merino long johns while climbing. When feedback comes back from our testers, we use that info combined with lab testing results to make sure we have the best available info to make material decisions when we create gear.