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Have you ever floated above the ground in a tent? How about listened to music via bone conduction? This week’s fresh sheet is about to open up your outdoor world (and bring you some new staples). See what we’re excited about:

Aftershokz Trekz Titanium Headphones

Aftershokz headphones

Bone conduction sends sound vibrations directly to your inner ear. This leaves your ear canal free and clear so you can hear your music as well as what’s going on around you. Trekz Titanium Headphones let you listen to music and make and answer phone calls without interrupting your workout.

MEC Camping Bundle

MEC camping bundle

Take the easy way. Save more than $50 when you buy these 3 products as a bundle. This deal’s only available online. Includes the MEC Camper 2 Tent, Creekside 10C Sleeping Bag and Camper Sleeping Pad. Want another combo? Give us a call at 1-888-847-0770 or shop in-store to save 10% on a customized MEC camp bundle.

DOMETIC CFX-75 Fridge/Freezer

Is #vanlife or a long camping roadtrip calling your name? This combo fridge/freezer is a big step up from a box and a block of ice. It runs off a highly efficient compressor, or you can use the DC plug in your car, van, camper or boat. Plus, you can charge your phone from the built-in USB port. Low power consumption and low-voltage battery protection is suitable for solar set-ups.

Tentsile Flite+ 2 Person Tree Tent

Tentsile tree tent

A portable treehouse. This big hammock/tree tent sleeps 2. Suspend it between 3 trees like a hammock, for a completely different camping experience. This version is light enough to take backpacking.

Tentsile at campsite

Frontiersman Bear Spray with Practice Spray

Bear spray with practice canister

This kit contains both an active bear spray and an inert training canister filled with water. The training canister is loaded with water but otherwise identical to the real thing, and allows you to become comfortable with canister handling and operation.

Scarpa Maestro Mid ECO Rock Shoes

A trad shoe that blends performance with comfort, it’s not traditionally stiff, but supports your foot with a tensioning system that runs under the mid-foot and over the heel. The higher cut protects your ankle bones when your jamming or cranking 40 metres of offwidth (you know you love it).

MEC Log Carrier

MEC log carrier

Tired of being covered in splinters and bark after gathering firewood? This waxed carrier holds a bundle of wood for convenient transportation and keeps you clean and splinter-free.

Petzl Tikkid Headlamp

Petzl Tekkid headlamp

The Tikkid is a compact, lightweight and bright headlamp that gives kids a light of their own. 3 modes:

  • Low that’s just right for reading.
  • High that’s great for after-dark games or finding the way to the bathroom.
  • Flashing mode that helps keep little ones visible (and lights up spur-of-the-moment dance parties).

Stance Cushion Run Socks

Stance cushion run socks

Socks that stand up to long training days on the trail or pavement. Anatomic arch support hugs your foot, and the performance fabric wicks and breathes.

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