In it for the long run

We can’t ski without snow. We can’t camp in a forest fire. We can’t kayak down a dry riverbed.

We believe that climate change is one of the biggest issues of our time. We know that everything we make, do, sell or touch has an impact on a planet that’s already stretched to its limits.

MEC is taking key steps to reduce our impact – and your Co-op’s been at this for years.

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bluesign®-approved materials

88% of the materials we use for apparel and sleeping bags are bluesign approved.

It’s like a “good stuff only” stamp: the material was produced in a way that ensures the responsible use of resources and reduces the impact on humans and the environment.

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We dig the Higg

MEC has supported the Sustainable Apparel Coalition’s Higg Index since day one. This suite of tools is aimed at driving environmental impact reduction and positive social impact in the apparel and hard goods supply chains.

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Carbon tracking

We’re targeting a reduction in our carbon footprint of 1.8% each year. We review this annually in line with science-based targets.


“It doesn’t mean we’re perfect, but we’re honest about where we are and clear about where we’re going.“

– Wendy Youds, MEC Label Senior Director of Product Design