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Annual Sustainability Progress Report

If you’ve made it to this page, thank you. We have a hunch you’re here to find out how MEC is doing with our sustainability goals, which is what this progress report is about.

2022 Sustainability Progress Report

We’re on a path to be the leading retailer for social and environmental responsibility in Canada, and we’ve set climate targets to help get us there. This report shares how we’re tracking as of 2022, from where we’re confidently crushing it to the hard, complicated parts we’re still figuring out.

What does this report cover?

Our annual sustainability report covers three main areas: products, people and planet.

Products: We know the biggest impact we have on people and the planet comes from the products we sell. How do we track this impact? With MEC Label product sustainability goals and standards, and our work with brand partners.

People: Behind the clothing and gear we sell are people and partners from around the world. We have specific goals to benefit workers in our supply chain, defined standards on how we work with MEC Label suppliers, and initiatives where we’re pushing our limits.

Planet: We’re a pretty big fan of earth, so we’re finding ways to lower our environmental footprint and be a retail leader in this space. In practice, this looks like climate targets, packaging goals, sustainability ambassadors and more.

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