MEC Fair Trade factory

Fair Trade Certified

A Fair Trade Certified seal indicates that an item was made by people in safe and healthy working conditions, who have a voice in their workplace, and that the workplace is one where women are treated equally. It also lets you know that workers received additional money for the Fair Trade items they made, which can help improve their lives.

MEC Label sold our first Fair Trade Certified clothing – women’s t-shirts – in 2014. MEC pays an added premium for each Fair Trade Certified product, and these funds go to a worker-managed bank account. A worker-led Fair Trade committee votes and decides how to use the funds. They may choose to fund scholarships, pay bonuses or improve community-level services, such as transportation or access to healthcare.

Some of the ways workers have used the premiums include:

  • Pithampur, India: Home to the first Fair Trade Certified factory we worked with. Over the years, workers have voted to purchase raincoats for the monsoon season, water filters for clean drinking water at home, and household items to cut down on the time it takes to prep meals.
  • Sampran, Thailand: Workers voted to use premiums to fund language classes at the factory, and to purchase fitness equipment for their workplace.
  • Madurai, India: Workers purchased induction ovens, pressure cookers and tiffin carriers to help save them time preparing homemade food.

Through the Fair Trade program, the factory employees learn about Fair Trade, their rights under the standards, the democratic process by electing co-workers to a Fair Trade committee, how to manage and invest income, and how to communicate more effectively with management.

Overall, Fair Trade certification is empowering for everyone involved: workers trying to improve their lives, factory managers wanting to do things right, brands like MEC backing these efforts, and people who want their purchases to be a choice that matters.