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Gift ideas for outdoor beer and wine enthusiasts

Do you like to pair your hazy IPA or crisp riesling with a dose of fresh air? I get it – and I know I’m not alone. There’s something extra indulgent about enjoying your favourite bevvie outside, whether you’re sitting around a crackling campfire, cheers-ing after a full day on bikes, or towelling off after a surf session.

If you know someone who savours pale ale, pilsner, merlot or chardonnay surrounded by trees or clouds, here are our top gift picks for sipping outdoors. (And if this sounds like you, make sure to add these to your own wish list):

1. A fun way to open things

No screw-top or twist-off? No problem. The Kikkerland Sparrow Corkscrew and Dog Bottle Opener are ready to help (and they’re adorable enough that you won’t misplace them, either).

2. A space-age koozie

Tough stainless steel. Double-wall insulation. A locking gasket. This Yeti Rambler Colster doesn’t mess around when it comes to keeping things at just the right temp for a long time. It’s an awesome present for the friend who gets distracted and forgets about their drink as they get pulled into conversations.

3. Outdoor-themed tumblers

A serious upgrade from single-use plastic cups. A United by Blue stainless steel tumbler would make a sweet present for thirsty people in wide-open spaces. I know the person on the top of my gift list would love the bike and mountain one, since it combines two of his favourite things. Plus, for every product sold, United by Blue removes one pound of trash from the world’s oceans and waterways.

4. Wine tumblers for two

One for you and one for them. Yeti Rambler Wine Tumblers are made of vacuum-insulated stainless steel, so there’s zero risk of breakage if they get bumped off the picnic table, and they keep wine at the perfect temperature for hours.

5. A way to keep conversation flowing

Yep, you can use them as a standard deck of cards. But you can also use Basecamp Cards to kick off conversations, since each card has a fun, thought-provoking question on it. I brought these camping, and we only made it through about three cards, since each question sent us on half-hour tangents about skydiving, living in Nice, and the power of 100 horse-sized ducks.

6. A 24-hour growler

Have you ever had a glass growler smash to bits when you accidentally drop your backpack? Speaking from experience, I can assure you that picking glass shards out of a bag soaked in imperial pumpkin ale is less than ideal. Give them a Stanley Go Growler and you’re giving the gift of solid, leakproof beverage transport. It keeps liquids cold for up to 24 hours.

Person pouring from a growler into a tumbler

Keeps photoshoot water ice-cold by day, and ready for a fill from the local brewery after we’re finished.

7. A can’t-miss-it wrap

A layer of insulation keeps drinks cooler, and a bright LED strip makes it easy to find after sunset. The Nite Ize SlapLit LED Drink Wrap comes in three colours to prevent you having to ask “is this one mine or yours?” every time you pick it up.

8. Travel-friendly wine transport

Cut out the issue of corkscrews, glass, resealing bottles or excess weight in the backcountry. Wine-drinkers have options: the Hydro Flask Wine Bottle is unbreakable and insulated, while the Platypreserve Wine Preservation System is lightweight, packs down small when it’s empty, and is a member fave based on the stellar reviews.

“If you’ve ever looked at a box of wine and thought about removing the Chardonnay-infused sac to take camping with you, don’t bother, those things puncture more easily than a cheap air mattress. The Platypreserve makes it simple to take any regulation-size bottle of wine into the wilderness without the bulk or concern about the recycling abilities of wildlife.” – member review on

9. Handy carabiner

The Nite Ize S-Biner Ahhhhh holds your keys, attaches things to other things, and pops off bottlecaps. I bought this for a friend years ago and they’re still using it.

“Took this little guy with me to Peru and it never left my side while drinking my way through the awesome craft beer scene cropping up in Lima. Eventually gifted it to a local brewery owner. Also used it to hold my trek poles in place on my pack among other things.” – member review on

10. Nesting wine glasses

Celebrate summiting in style. Nesting wine glasses make a classy-meets-practical camping gift, especially when you pair them with a bottle of your friend’s go-to wine. Want to go all out? The GSI Wine Glass Gift Set combines a wine carafe and two glasses in a handy neoprene tote.

11. A sturdy cooler

If you know someone who’s counting down the days until campsite reservations open for May long weekend, this Stanley cooler is the gift for them. It keeps 21 cans cold for 36 hours and is strong enough to use as a handy camp stool. “Worth it!” one reviewer said.

12. A backpack cooler

Looking for something more portable for a friend who’s always on the move? The Mountainsmith Frostbite Cooler Pack has an insulated lower compartment to keep things chilled, and room for beach games, blankets or warm layers up top. There’s also a bottle opener built into the shoulder strap.

13. An outdoor blanket

Rumpl Puffy Blankets are warm, lightweight and machine washable (just in case someone spills something). When the conversation is flowing, this comfy layer keeps people cozy after the sun dips below the horizon. I have the old-growth print blanket and I curl up with it both outside and inside, since it brings a little nature into my living room.

Wherever you are, make sure you enjoy all your beverages responsibly, and dispose of any containers in a Leave No Trace friendly way. Cheers!

A big, growler-sized thank you to MEC staffer Haroon for showing off the Stanley Go Ceramivac Growler and United By Blue tumbler in our photos.

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