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Trying to convince someone to come camping? Show them this.

May 1, 2018

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Trying to spread your love of camping to someone who resists at every opportunity is no easy feat.

What if it rains? I’m always cold… What about the bugs? Oh man, think of the bugs!

We’ve heard it all. And we also know that once someone’s sipping coffee by the campfire, many of these worries just kind of melt away (plus, there are all kinds of easy solutions). These recurring conversations inspired us to gather our favourite camping inspo photos, tips from kickass outdoor partners, and our most compelling arguments for sleeping outside… maybe even for their first-time ever.

1. Canadian campsites are pretty lust-worthy

Coast to coast, Canada has some pretty incredible #viewsfromthetent. When you have this in your backyard, don’t you feel lucky you have the option to spend the night here?

2. There will be camp treats

Salty or sweet, when you’re open-air eating everything just tastes better. It’s actually kind of mind-blowing.

“S’mores are an essential part of camping. Sometimes I like to make s’mores packets: tin foil baskets with chopped banana, crushed graham crackers, broken chocolate pieces, and a couple of marshmallows. Pop them in the embers until everything is gooey and delicious. Yum!” – Julie L., Visitor Experience Branch of Parks Canada

3. It’s magical when the light hits just right

So, waking up in the forest versus waking up in your bed. On one hand, you’re guaranteed a hearty dose of fresh air, quality time with your camp mates, and a guaranteed good story to tell about your weekend. If you stay home, well we’re not sure what’s going to happen to you. But we wouldn’t risk it.

4. The views are jaw-dropping

Okay, we can’t promise you’ll always be able to find a beautiful beach to sleep on, but we can promise that camping can be your way to find a beautiful beach to sleep on. And that’s something you just can’t do in the city. Do you want to go your whole life without at least trying to drift off to sleep while listening to waves lap at the shore? Of course you don’t.

5. Relaxation is at its max

Need an excuse to lounge in a hammock? Heck, maybe you also need an excuse to get a hammock. This could be you – fully relaxed, unplugged and without a worry in the world.

6. It’s really fun to sit around a campfire

There’s something bonding about sitting around a campfire, sipping a coffee or roasting a marshmallow – you’re just present in the moment and completely content with where you are. It’s tough to describe the mood that a campfire puts you in until you’ve experienced it for yourself. You should definitely see what all the fuss is about.

We wholehearted believe that camping is for everyone. If you need further inspiration to entice a future camper, head over to your local MEC store. The multitudes of staffers will be more than enthused to recommend campsites, equipment, and share the stoke with beginner campers.

See you out there!

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