Person putting on cozy winter boot with snow on the ground

Winter boot guide: warm, waterproof and versatile

I’ve lived in Ontario, Alberta and BC, so I have experience with Canada’s different flavours of winter – and I know just how important the right pair of winter boots is.

Whether you’ll be building snowforts in Toronto or navigating muddy winter trails in Vancouver, a trusty pair of boots is key. To help you wade through the many options out there, we’ve pulled together our top winter boot picks.

Best winter boots for warmth

These boots are for you if you battle double digit cold temps, walk through a lot of snow and slush, and want something dependably warm, day after day.

  • UGG Adirondack Boots: Rated down to a brisk -32°C and has a fuzzy wool lining. One of our best-selling winter boots.

Grippiest boots

Do you have a lot of slippery trails or slick dog walking routes to contend with? Get a pair of winter boots with incredibly grippy soles. (Or scroll down for traction devices to make any boots instantly grippy.)

Best waterproof boots

If you live in a place where wet slush and deep puddles are the main winter culprit, these are for you. They’re way warmer options than flimsy rubber boots.

Best boots for winter hiking and outdoor activities

Don’t let winter slow you down. These active winter boots will keep your feet warm while hiking, snowshoeing, or shoveling the driveway in cold temperatures.

Most versatile for urban 9–5ers

For winter walks that might end up somewhere that require something a little nicer than rugged hiking boots. Outdoor patio season might be a popular thing this year, after all.

  • UGG Selima Waterproof Boots: Waterproof leather and suede is fully seam-sealed for weather protection. The wool and lyocell lining and wool insole keeps feet warm.
  • Blundstones: Winter versions of Blunnies are completely waterproof (including the elastic gore panels) with sealed seams. A cozy sheepskin footbed provides additional warmth.

Bonus: traction devices and gaiters

Turn any regular boots or shoes into grippy walking machines. Traction devices are excellent for walking, hiking or even running on packed snow. Easy to bring along for “just in case it’s slippery” situations.

  • Kahtoola MICROspikes Traction Device (above left): Our top-selling traction device. The stainless steel spike design is excellent for walking, hiking, or running on packed snow, and provides excellent traction on ice.

Gaiters add an extra layer of protection between you and deep snow or slushy puddles. Pop them on to keep snow and ice from sneaking into your boots when you’re hiking or walking.

  • MEC Kokanee Gaiters (above left): Technical gaiters with waterproof-breathable GORE-TEX® uppers and a nylon lower that resists water and snow pick-up.
  • MEC Nylon Gaiters (above right): Water-resistant gaiters with a double-layer bottom panel for durability.

All backed by our guarantee

The right pair will keep you playing outside longer without worrying about cold feet. If they don’t work out like expected, know that everything at MEC is backed by our Rocksolid Guarantee – and we offer price matching too.

Joyce Chua

One of the first to learn about new gear at MEC. Perfect day: hiking, biking or kayaking, plenty of snacks, and squeezing in a nap with her dog Moki.