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How to measure shoe size and width at home

Shopping for footwear online can be tricky, but knowing your foot measurements is a great start to find the perfect fit. Once you know your foot measurements, you can compare them to the size guide for the boots or shoes you’re looking at on

Follow the steps below to help you find the right size hiking boots, running shoes, winter boots and more.

How to measure shoe size for online shopping

  1. Get a piece of cardboard and a pen. Place the cardboard on the floor and stand on it in bare feet.

  2. Trace the outline of both feet on the cardboard, since your feet will be slightly different sizes.

  3. Measure the outline of each foot to see how long and wide your feet are. You’ll want to size your shoes based on the largest of your two feet.

  • For length, measure from the back of the heel to the end of the longest toe (it might be the big toe, but it might not). If it’s a close call, take a couple of measurements to be sure.
  • For width, measure across the widest part of your forefoot.
  1. Every shoe product page on has a size chart that’s specific to that brand or style. Cross reference your measurements with the size chart for the shoes you’re interested in. Some brands also offer narrow, medium and wide options, which you can see in the size options for the shoes.

If you’re not able to visit us in-store, we hope these steps help you out as you shop for shoes and boots at MEC from the comfort of your home.