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Learn-to Camp with Parks Canada and MEC

Parks Canada and MEC have been working together for over 10 years. As part of its 100th anniversary celebrations in 2011, Parks Canada (in partnership with MEC) launched the first Learn-to Camp events.

The Learn-to Camp program connects first-time campers with the Canadian camping experience. Participants learn all kinds of outdoor skills, like how to set up a tent, use a camp stove, and safely light a campfire. The goal is to foster an appreciation for nature and set families up for a lifetime of camping memories.

Last summer, Learn-to Camp reached more than 110,000 people through overnight events and outreach activities. This year, since in-person events had to be cancelled or paused, it was time to get creative and find new ways to inspire people to try camping for the first time. MEC and Parks Canada are pleased to present a few videos of the most popular Learn-to Camp topics.

How to set up a tent

Tents are essential for any camping experience and come in all shapes and sizes. Follow these handy tips to make set-up a breeze:

Camping gear for your home away from home:

How to start a campfire

Campfires are a great way to keep warm, cook food and set the mood for some camp games and sing-a-longs.

Find what you need to help your camp meals come to life:

How to set up a tarp

Wind, rain or sun? A tarp’s got you covered. Follow these tips to put one up at your campsite:

Gear to keep sheltered:

When the time is right, both Parks Canada and MEC are looking forward to offering in-person programs again.

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