Gift ideas for the person who has everything

21 gift ideas for the person who has everything

We all know one: the person who seems to have everything. Maybe they’re a gear-hound who always buys the latest gadget as soon as it’s released. Or they’ve got a garage full of equipment for every conceivable activity, from mountain biking to kayaking to backcountry skiing. Or maybe they’re just really bad at coming up with gift ideas and you happened to pick them in the family Secret Santa.

Rest assured: it only seems like they have it all. From tiny-but-mighty stocking stuffers to “OMG! I love it!” options that make a splash, here are 21 gift ideas for the person who has everything.

1. Heated socks

Give the gift of never having to worry about frozen toes again. These Lenz Heat Socks run on rechargeable battery packs, and each charge lasts for up to 14 hours. After hearing my dad complain about cold feet all last winter, my sister and I are giving him a pair for Christmas.

2. A whole year of adventures

Photo by Emmanuel Milou under Creative Commons license

One gift, a lifetime of memories. With a Parks Canada Discovery Pass, the whole family can explore our country’s stunning national parks and historical landmarks. Road trip up the Icefields Parkway to Jasper, explore the fjords of Gros Morne or take in stunning views of Canada’s highest peak in Kluane.

3. Decadent hot chocolate

“Great as-is, and with a little amaretto, you can pretend you’re at your favorite restaurant,” writes one reviewer of Camino Dark Hot Chocolate. Or add a little kick to their cup with the Chili & Spice flavour. Both flavours are Fair Trade Certified, organic and kosher – what’s not to love?

4. An MEC Race Series gift pack

Shopping for a committed (or aspiring) runner? Give the gift of their next personal best. An MEC Race Series Gift Pack includes entry to all 2019 MEC races in their area, ranging from beginner-friendly 5Ks to Boston-qualifier marathons to rugged trail races.

5. Not your average deck of cards

Sure, they probably already have a deck of cards. But do those cards ask questions like “Would you rather fight 100 duck-sized horses or one horse-sized duck?”

6. Lasting waterproofness

Friends don’t let friends forget to re-waterproof their jackets. Help them prepare for winter flurries and spring showers with the gift of cleaners and waterproofers for their rain and ski jackets.

Want to make a lasting impression? Go big with this 5L bottle and they’ll be set for life (or at least the next few seasons).

7. Rechargeable batteries

If they really do have everything, chances are that lots of it requires batteries. Give them a batch of rechargeable batteries, and they’ll never have to worry about last-minute replacements again. MEC videographer Steve swears by Panasonic Eneloop batteries for their long life and strong performance in sub-zero temps.

8. A gift card to test new gear

Sure, their gear closet is full, but they’re always keen to try out a new activity. Load an e-gift card with the cost of a one-day rental for snowshoes or a SUP, and help them fall in love with a new pastime.

9. Avalanche skills training

If they’re ready to seek out untouched powder beyond the boundaries of their local ski hill, the most important piece of equipment they’ll need is the knowledge to keep themselves and their buddies safe. Sign them up for an Avalanche Skills Training course from Avalanche Canada or Avalanche Québec so they’ll be prepared. Plus, during the course they can rent avalanche safety gear for free from MEC.

10. Fuel for the next trip

Stove fuel

They might have an awesome camp stove, but it isn’t going to run itself. Pick up a few canisters or a bottle of fuel so they can keep the flames hot and the tasty meals coming.

Bonus: Toss in a JetBoil Jet Gauge to help them check how much fuel is left in those partial canisters in their gear bin or shed. This tiny gadget made Backpacker Magazine’s Editor’s Choice list, and it makes an excellent stocking stuffer.

11. A donation to their local Search and Rescue

Hopefully, they’ll never need to be rescued. But if worse comes to worst, they’ll be glad to know that their local Search and Rescue group is well-equipped to help.

12. A massage stick

Your active friend who has everything probably has sore legs, too. Give them the Tiger Tail Massage Roller and they’ll be able to roll their muscles anytime they want. At 18 inches long, it’s easy to take with them on ski trips and active vacations.

13. Delicious electrolytes

Endurance athletes, backcountry hikers, world travellers and people who get bored of plain water all agree: Nuun electrolyte drink tabs are a tasty way to rehydrate when they’re working hard.

14. Tenacious Tape

This grippy repair tape is worth its weight in gold, and won’t leave residue like duct tape. When they tear a hole in their tent fly, sleeping pad or down jacket halfway through a trip, they’ll be glad your gift will help them patch it up.

15. Video evidence

If they don’t document their sweetest jumps and epic exploits in 4K60 video, did they even happen? The GoPro Hero7 Black delivers crisp, clean, immersive footage, no matter how dusty or wet the adventure.

16. Deluxe canoe comfort

Take their next paddling trip to a whole new level of comfort with this five-star canoe seat. But don’t take my word for it – here’s what reviewers have said:

  • “I would not get in the canoe without one of these.”
  • “I’ve let others try it out while on our trips, and nobody ever wants to give it back.”
  • “The best designed piece of camping gear I have ever laid hands on.”

17. Tasty camp coffee

Camping coffee

Upgrade their camp coffee game, whether they’re brewing a morning cup for just themselves or the whole group.

18. A classic guidebook

No outdoorsy bookshelf is complete without the world-renowned guide to taking care of business in the backcountry. How to Shit in the Woods has sold more than 2.5 million copies in 8 languages, and it makes an excellent Secret Santa gift.

19. Extra visibility

Help them stand out on nighttime runs and after-dark commutes with these wearable magnetic reflectors that easily clip onto their jacket pockets or pant cuffs.

20. A tune-up for well-loved gear

Photo by Robb Thompson

If they’re outside every chance they get, chances are their gear could use a little TLC. An MEC gift card for the value of a ski or board wax or a bike tune-up will keep them flying down the trails, runs and roads all season long.

Do they prefer to DIY? A basket of ski wax or a bike maintenance workshop is a solid choice.

21. Chocolate

Fair Trade chocolate bars

If you’ve made it this far and you’re still not sure, chocolate is always a safe bet. Pick up a few Fair Trade Certified bars like Banana and Salted Toffee or Espresso Dark Chocolate that’ll be sure to impress. Or go big and give them a bar for every week in 2019!

Heather van der Hoop
Heather van der Hoop

Editor, science nerd, runner and skier who loves rugged trails and glacier-fed lakes. May or may not own a quiver of MEC Rad Pants.