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Awesome run routes around Burlington

September 22, 2016

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Burlington, Hamilton and the surrounding area are home to lush parks, scenic trails and an impressive number of waterfalls. You’ll have plenty of scenic views to enjoy on any route you choose. Grab a run buddy and explore somewhere new with these 6 ideas for running routes in the region.

Kerncliff Park Climb (3K)

Kerncliff Park - run route map

Kerncliff Park offers a variety of double track trails, challenging hills and rocky sections for the runner looking to improve their technical skills. While you’re on this 3-kilometre run, you can get a spectacular view of Burlington, Hamilton – and on a clear day, even Toronto – from the top of the escarpment hills.

Get more tips in our guide to this Kerncliff Park run route.

Stair Circuit Challenge (6K)

Stair Climb Challenge - run route map

The stairs accessing the Hamilton Escarpment alongside the city are popular with not only Hamiltonians, but many fitness enthusiasts of the GTA. For a solid workout, try Burlington’s 6-kilometre Stair Circuit. Starting at Chedoke Civic Golf Course, you’ll run up and down 289 Chedoke stairs and then head over to the Dundurn stairs, where you’ll run up and down another 326 steps. Rinse and repeat!

Ready to sweat? See our guide to running the Hamilton stair circuit.

Smooth Hendrie Valley Run (7K)

Smooth Hendrie Valley - run route map

This gentle 7-kilometre run on a multi-use trail is great for beginners as it provides even footing on relatively flat terrain. This is also an excellent spot to add some speed training into your workout. Along the way, you might spot birds, deer and other local wildlife. (Make sure to stay on the trails as the Royal Botanical Garden doesn’t allow runners on their property.)

Explore the trails with our guide to running in Hendrie Valley.

MEC to Newport Out-and-Back run (12K)

MEC Burlington to Newport Park and back - run route map

Starting from MEC Burlington, you’ll head over to Roly Bird Park before embarking on the Hydrocut Trail that will take you to Newport Park and back. This 12-kilometre trail is a favourite of the MEC Burlington running club as the route offers plenty of space as well as gentle rolling hills away from traffic.

Find out more in our guide to the Newport Park run route.

Streams and Climbs Point-to-Point Run (15K)

Bruce Trail point to point - run route map

Set off with a friend and two cars; leave one car at Highland Gardens Park – the start of this 15-kilometre run – and the other by Valleyside Lane and Davidson Blvd in Hamilton. You’ll follow the Bruce Trail where you’ll come across some of Hamilton’s famous stairs and pass through conservation areas like Iroquoia Heights, Tiffany Falls, Canterbury Falls and many more.

See where to start with our guide to the Hamilton waterfall run route.

Bruce Trail Old-Growth and Cascading Waters Run (20K)

Bruce Trail old-growth and cascading waters - run route map

The Bruce Trail is a great place to tackle a long-distance 20-kilometre run. Many spots provide free parking, like Hidden Valley Park, Kerncliff Park as well as several streets. Set out with a run buddy and make sure to bring along your GPS watch or download the Bruce Trail App on your phone, which offers up-to-date info on the trail along with potential side trails and parking access.

A must-do trail adventure. Make it happen with our guide to running the Bruce Trail.

Lower Chedoke Falls in Hamilton, Ontario

The area around Burlington offers a diverse range of routes that lead you past waterfalls, over hills and stairs, and across different terrain. Why run on just sidewalks when you can explore the full beauty of the city’s natural landscape? Happy running!

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