Camp stove with toast on the grill and eggs cooking in a cast-iron pan

Camp kitchen checklist

A well-stocked camp kitchen is an essential part of any camping getaway. Whether you like to get a little gourmet with camp cooking or prefer to just heat up something on a simple camping stove, having the proper camp kitchen box and food prep gear makes everything easier outside.

Use the items below to whip up tasty camping meals, and when you’re back from your camping trip, give everything a good cleaning and pack it away in preparation for your next getaway. It’s handy to get a big plastic storage tub to keep everything in one place.

If you’re planning to hike to your campsite, you’ll likely want to leave the cast-iron pan behind – check out the backpacking checklist for a minimalized list of camp kitchen gear.

Camp stove cooking

Open-fire cooking

Camp cookware

Food storage and clean-up

If you want to get gourmet…

The great things about many camp kitchen tools is that they can do double-duty at outdoor festivals, picnic lunches at the beach, family roadtrips, or even backyard BBQs. Want more camping meal ideas? Check out camp kitchen secrets and our coffee addict’s guide to camp coffee.

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