Person standing on a rocky peak with huge mountains in the background

Expedition Support

We support expeditions to pioneer new routes, touch summits, paddle rivers, cycle or ski – across the country and across the globe. We want to help Canadians push their boundaries and reach for their goals. Sharing these adventures speeds our pulse, sparks a desire to explore, and fuels us to create stories of our own.


MEC supports expeditions that focus on one or more core activities: cycling, hiking, trail running, climbing, paddling, backcountry skiing, or snowshoeing. Organized races or events, guided trips, school trips, trips whose primary focus is fundraising for causes don’t qualify for support.

  • Expeditions are exploratory in nature or unique in approach and style, such as a first ascent/descent or fully self-propelled from door to door
  • Geographically remote or technically difficult
  • Designed to minimize environmental impact and conducted in a safe, responsible manner with respects for the outdoors
  • Participants must be Canadian and active members who have purchased or rented from MEC in the past two years
  • Participants must be extensively prepared, through both physical training and gear preparation
  • Participants must be self-reliant and carry appropriate safety gear and communication devices relevant for the location and activity

Your commitment to MEC

If your expedition is selected to receive support, we’ll need a few things from you in return. Gear reviews and a trip report with photographs and/or video portraying MEC-label gear in use during the expedition. We may use this in social media, our website and in print advertising. Any communications about the trip, both during and after should acknowledge MEC. Lastly, if your expedition is epic and inspiring then we might ask you to put together a presentation for staff or members to boost their stoke level.

Grant applications open from January 16 to March 11.

The John Lauchlan Memorial Award

The John Lauchlan Memorial Award is an annual cash award that assists expeditions of Canadian mountaineers and explorers. It perpetuates the bold, adventurous spirit which John Lauchlan exemplified, and promotes the development of Canadian mountaineers at an international level. MEC donates $3,000 each year to support the winning expedition.

Top photo: Martina and Tania Halik on their ski traverse of BC’s Coast Mountains.