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Take Me Outside (TMO) believes in a future where spending time outside playing, exploring and learning is a regular and significant part of every student’s day. TMO is committed to raising awareness and facilitating action on nature connection and outdoor learning in schools across Canada. They work with other organizations, school boards, teachers and individuals to encourage children and youth to spend more time outside through various initiatives.    

MEC has been supporting TMO since its start in 2011, when their founder and Executive Director Colin Harris ran over 7,600km across Canada to raise awareness of the importance of outside learning. To celebrate the end of his journey and to continue the momentum of raising awareness on this important issue, Take Me Outside Day was established. With MEC’s support, TMO has been able to build this campaign, which aims to remind students about the importance of unplugging and spending time outside, being active and connecting with nature. Now, it reaches more than 1.2 million people. 

“Take Me Outside’s work across the country raises the bar for all children, and helps to normalize outdoor learning.” – Teacher from Surrey, BC

Recent highlights from Take Me Outside:

  • More than 5,300 teachers participating in TMO campaigns or events
  • More than 302,000 students in TMO initiatives
  • More than 2.6 million hours of learner outdoor time collectively
  • 1,500+ educators participating in TMO webinars

MEC is committed to helping Take Me Outside tackle diversity and inclusion, and ensuring both teachers and students have equal access for outdoor opportunities in the school year. MEC’s funding will provide Black, Indigenous and Educators of Colour with professional development opportunities centred around outdoor learning.