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Parkbus helps thousands of people access national parks, provincial parks and conservation areas from major cities across Canada. They offer accessible transportation options to connect city dwellers with nature for day trips, family camping weekends and even wilderness expeditions. 

MEC partners with Parkbus to run two special programs focused on community building, education, inclusion and diversity in the outdoors: ActiveDays and NatureLink.  

ActiveDays is creating a community of people with a passion to get outdoors, explore, learn and have fun together. The philosophy is simple: to disconnect from city life, for a moment, and get outside. ActiveDays are designed to help you discover new places, build skills and meet like-minded people in a collaborative environment. They welcome people of all ages and experience levels.  

NatureLink not only provides subsidized transportation to outdoor spaces, but also outdoor programming and adventures to newcomers. Recognizing the many systemic barriers that can make it challenging to access the outdoors, NatureLink works to provide spaces for newcomers and other underprivileged communities to explore new or familiar spaces, learn skills to build confidence in the outdoors, and connect with others in a fun environment.