As we build a community of active outdoor enthusiasts, we share and teach responsible outdoor recreation practices, stewarding a nation-wide appreciation and respect for the environment and increasing our access to wild forests, wetlands, mountains, urban parks, rivers, lakes and oceans where we pursue outdoor activities. We commit to conserving the ecologically and recreationally important places where we adventure and that sustain us.

We know that being connected to nature inspires us, supports our physical and mental well-being, builds community and a sense of belonging, and encourages us to be advocates for our planet to preserve it for future generations.

We love the connection between activity and the outdoors and want you to love it too.


To help us inspire and enable a community of outdoor enthusiasts we support programs and initiatives that:

  1. Identify and reduce barriers to outdoor activity and increase the community of active outdoor enthusiasts.
  2. Teach responsible outdoor recreation practices  and environmental stewardship.


In 2007, we joined this alliance of businesses who believe in providing financial support to outdoor and environmental initiatives. Our membership means that collectively, MEC members direct 1% of every purchase to Canadian causes to cultivate innovation, build community and make change for the better. As an independent third party, 1% for the Planet confirms that member businesses meet their commitments, and they verify that groups receiving funds have clear, worthwhile goals.