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Paddle floats, throw bags and whistles

Paddle floats, throw bags and whistles for safety on the water

When you’re setting out for a day on the water – whether it’s the lake at your cottage or the open ocean – safety is paramount. Being prepared can be the difference when things don’t go as planned. Alongside your PFD, make sure you’re equipped with the paddle floats, throw bags and whistles that will help you react in a crisis.

Even the most experienced paddlers can benefit from keeping a paddle float on hand. A paddle float is an inflatable device that can assist a kayaker in a self-rescue, making them invaluable when you’re alone on the water.

A throw bag is a great tool to keep on deck, especially when boating with others. They’re bundles of rope made for easy throwing to assist with recovering swimmers or passengers who’ve gone overboard.

Whistles are an absolute must on the water, as they allow for long-distance communication in case of an emergency. Finally, other simple safety devices like floatation bags, tow ropes and bailers or bilge pumps will ensure you’re prepared for whatever happens on the water.

For more information about what safety gear to bring on the water, check out our article on mandatory paddling gear.