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Marine navigation

Marine navigation tools to keep you headed in the right direction

Just like when you’re hiking on land, it’s a good idea to know where you’re going when you hit the water. Whether you’re headed out for a familiar paddle or turning your bow towards territory unexplored, make sure you’ve got the marine navigation tools that’ll get you there and back without getting too turned around on the way.

First up is the tried and true: your marine maps. Like any other map, they’re designed to show you what lies ahead and what the terrain has in store, but marine maps offer a special focus on the waterways of an area. Keep an eye out for highlighted portage routes and other areas of interest. And if you’re headed out with a map, don’t forget to bring a compass that’ll help you put it to good use.

Looking for something a little higher tech? Check out a handheld GPS that packs all of your maps down into a pocket-sized package. Some models come with all their maps pre-loaded, while others let you download your own at your convenience. Options like waterproofing make them a great choice to bring on deck with you, and if you want to be extra careful, pick up a dry bag to keep it safe from the elements.