Challenges shape us

As runners, climbers and adventurers we know this from experience. Our current challenges are shaping us in ways we don’t yet understand, but we’re resourceful people with strength and energy to draw on. Now is a moment to lend support to the community around us.

10,000 non-surgical masks to raise money for the Canadian Red Cross

Canadian Red Cross volunteers Yeung Wu and Nour Harb on wellness check visits in Ottawa. (Luc Alary / Canadian Red Cross) © Canadian Red Cross

$125,000 raised for the Canadian Red Cross

We’re staying safe and the masks are now sold out. Thanks for helping to protect and care for each other. All profits from the sale of our MEC-designed masks are being donated to the Canadian Red Cross.


We are all members

We share a love for vital, restorative outdoor spaces. Help ensure trails are there for us when we head outside.

Relief funds for outdoor partners

For more than three decades, MEC has given back to the community of trail keepers who protect and provide access to outdoor spaces. The MEC Outdoor Partner Relief Fund is a way for members to support these organizations through a short-term funding and staffing crunch. Our love for trails abides, but this funding drive wrapped up on July 19. Thank you for giving back to the outdoor spaces that have always been there for us.


Healthcare professionals asked,
we answered

We’re donating needed equipment to ease the strain on frontline workers.


Staff in hospitals in cities across Canada ​received thousands of Chaos tubular headbands, something that prevents skin irritations and blisters when wearing personal protective equipment for long periods.


Duffle bags for midwives

As expectant mothers seek alternatives to hospital births, midwives are in high demand. UBC’s ​Midwifery program was looking for an easy-to-clean bag to transport midwifery equipment and supplies. All students attending the program received an MEC Outpost Duffle.


Nuun hydration tablets

To help keep frontline workers hydrated through long shifts, MEC and Nuun donated and distributed almost 15,000 tablets to hospitals across BC and Ontario.

</br><h2 style="color:#000000;">Thank you for being part of MEC, for joining this effort and for caring for one another.</h2></br>

Thank you for being part of MEC, for joining this effort and for caring for one another.

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