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Out and About Pride

Join us in celebrating Pride! There’s a full menu of free, fun events happening in stores – come try our climbing wall, meet community groups, win some prizes, plunge for Pride (in Vancouver), and share your love for the community at your nearest MEC.

Event info by location

MEC Toronto: June 24–25

MEC Vancouver: August 5–6

MEC Montreal: August 5–6

MEC Calgary: August 19–20

Love Letters, in collaboration with Leah Day

This year for Pride, we partnered up with multi-disciplinary artist Leah Day to transform the MEC twin peaks into a special art installation. Stop by one of the locations listed below, spread some love and leave a note to share with your local community.

About the artist

Photo by Kaitlin Day Photography

Leah Day Vancouver, BC
IG: @leahdayarts

Originally from the wilds of the Yukon Territory, Leah is a naturalist and extreme hiker who’s lived in Vancouver for nearly twenty years. There’s a calling for The North that Leah will never shake from her bones, but she finds herself entranced by west coast trees. She’s an avid naturalist and fierce environmentalist who cares deeply for our environment and all beings who live on our earth. A member of the 2SLGBTQIA+ community, she is an advocate for equal rights for all beings and has been an active member in Vancouver’s queer community for many years, partaking in many events including performing and vending at Vancouver City Pride.