Person fixing tent poles

Repairing and reusing products

Reduce, reuse, repair. A big part of a product’s environmental impact can be lessened with a few steps you have control over, and MEC can help you put these principles into action with gear rentals, gear swaps and gear repairs.

Reduce: gear rentals

Renting outdoor gear lets you try new activities without a big financial investment and you can save storage space along the way. MEC has been offering gear rentals since 1976; you can rent all kinds of quality equipment, from backpacks to beacons, at affordable prices. The most popular rental item? Snowshoes, at every store (except Victoria, BC).

The rental inventory is tailored to each store and we swap out equipment with the seasons. Learn more about MEC gear rentals, and check out the special 50% off gear rentals offer for Parkbus passengers.

Reuse: gear swaps

Since 1997, our online outdoor gear swap has been our way of encouraging people to recycle used outdoor gear. Stores host MEC gear swaps during the year, usually as part of annual festivals. You can also find gear and clothing with plenty of life left in it on online marketplace sites or at thrift stores, too.

Repair: fixes in store

For the safety of staff and members, we are pausing in-store gear repair services for a while. Thanks for your understanding.

Learn how to fix your gear

Have a DIY spirit? We’ve put together how-to articles and videos on some of the most popular gear repair and maintenance topics:

Tents and sleeping gear

Bike maintenance and repair

Many MEC stores also offer bike clinics and workshops if you like to learn new skills in person.

Clothing and footwear

When you put things in the wash, take a look at the product care tag. You may be able to choose lower-impact cleaning methods, like washing at a lower temperature, hang drying, avoiding bleach or using non-toxic detergents.

Ski gear