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Algonquin Park canoe trip checklist

Canoeing in Algonquin Park is an iconic Ontario adventure, thanks to more than 2000km of canoe routes and portages. With so many options, it’s important to research the different routes to find the right one for your experience level, fitness level and how much time you have.

Lots of long portages mean you’ll be carrying your gear over land as well as water (so resist the urge to overpack). There are also a couple of paddle-in sites that don’t require portaging if you’re new to canoe tripping or have kids along. Along with guidebooks and maps, Algonquin Park outfitters are a wealth of information.

See Algonquin Park canoe trip checklist pdf

Paddling gear

Safety gear

Sleeping and shelter

Camp kitchen

Clothing and footwear

When it comes to materials, leave the cotton behind. Make sure your shorts, long johns, pants, t-shirts, underwear and sports bra are made of quick-drying materials that wick moisture.

Personal items and additions

Optional items