Inside MEC

Show up

Before any mission: race, long ride or big route, there’s the moment when the alarm goes off and you kind of hope it’s raining, or too hot, or snowing (or whatever) so you can bail, hit snooze and go back to sleep. Any mission that’s worth doing is going to be hard. When you’re out there, you have to keep making the same decision. Do you bail? Or do you show up?

MEC is our business. We show up.

Make it happen

We’re accountable for what we do. MEC operates stores, makes products, ships items and uses energy and resources to do it. Every small, individual choice we make has to connect with the bigger picture: we run this business in a way that’s responsible and inspiring, that creates active people, healthy societies and a promising future.

Carry the fire

With firsthand knowledge, a welcoming vibe, and our willingness to listen, we help each other get moving. Get out the front door. Take the plunge. Turn down all that noise and get into the outdoors. We operate in a “what-if” workplace where ideas spark and the desire to lead an active life gets stoked.

Locations: our stores

More than bricks and mortar, stores are our heart and soul. They bring together the things we care about and everything we stand for: gear, good advice, community, and leading with integrity.

We have stores across the country, staffed by people who are hands-on, all-in enthusiasts. And they’re keen to share what they know. Working here means you’ll always be learning, and there’s a good chance your co-workers will inspire you to try out something new.

Vancouver office

Our HQ is located in our hometown where we started in 1971. It’s where our staff can work together to create innovative products and services, and make amazing things happen. It’s a collaborative environment that promotes an easy exchange of ideas. It’s an MEC building, so it’s also on a bike route and a public transit corridor. It has bike storage, showers, places for quiet focused work, and rooms where we come together to plan and share ideas. Office hours and location

Distribution centre

Located in Surrey, BC, our shipping and receiving headquarters supply stores with products and they process and move members’ orders. The people who work in this centre are well-organized and safety focused. They lift heavy objects. They wield box cutters. They can deliver the goods.


We care about the health and well-being of our staff members, and offer a competitive benefits program and an RRSP matching plan. For full and part-time staff we offer extended health and dental as well as vision benefits, life and accident insurance. We encourage learning through tuition assistance. Full time employees also receive top ups for maternity and parental leave.

Full-time employees on fixed-term contracts (over one year) receive medical and dental coverage.

In addition, all employees have access to employee and family assistance, a generous leave of absence program, discounts at stores, pro-deals from vendors and bonuses linked to our success. We also support community involvement by providing paid time for staff who volunteer.