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Dog policy at MEC stores

Based on feedback from members and staff, MEC is now allowing well-behaved dogs in most of our stores.

Your furry friends will now be able to accompany you at most MEC stores while following the requirements below. We’re excited to welcome you and your pup into our air-conditioned stores, whether you’re out walking together or driving to our locations.

Note: service dogs are always allowed in all MEC stores.

Due to applicable restrictions, the following stores will not be able to permit regular dogs (non-service dogs) from entering:

  • MEC Calgary


  • You must keep your dogs on-leash or in a carrier at all times. You must keep hold of the leash. Flexi-leads must be locked at no longer than 1.8m (6ft.).
  • Any aggressive dog must wear a muzzle at all times while in a store. You must put the muzzle on your dog prior to entering the store. If your dog acts aggressively in-store, you will be asked to leave the store with the dog.
  • You must immediately clean up any mess created by your dog.
  • If the dog is dirty, misbehaved, or otherwise acting as a nuisance, you may be asked to leave the store with the dog.
  • Any product damaged by a dog must be purchased by you.
  • No size, age, or breed restrictions of dog.
  • Maximum of 3 dogs per person.
  • Dogs must be potty trained and vaccinated.
  • Dogs must be licensed and/or insured if required by applicable law.

If you bring a dog into an MEC store, it is your responsibility to understand and abide by these requirements.