Store pickup

Need something fast? Order online, get it at your local MEC – as soon as the next day.

Free store pickup is available for every item on If you need something really fast, check to see if it’s available at your local store for super speedy next-day store pickup.

When you check out, follow these steps:

1. Choose your store

Select a pickup location for your purchase. You’ll see a message if something is available for next day store pickup from your local MEC. 

Tip: To browse products available for next day pickup, set your store location and view what’s available there. 

Screenshot of website showing store location selected at the top, and a tab highlighted that shows how to search items available at that location

2. Pay for your items

As you check out, you’ll see an estimated pickup time.

3. Check your email (and read it closely)

If your order contains multiple items, some may be available in a few hours, some may take longer. We’ll let you know.

4. Pick up your order

Collect it outside at the storefront (at some locations) or inside at the Service Desk (as permitted by local health regulation). Show us your photo ID to claim your new gear. When you pick up your order, please abide by social distancing guidelines. You may need to wait to enter the store, as we all do our part in complying with health and safety regulations.


How soon can I pick up my order?

When placing an order on, you’ll see an estimated pickup time. We’ll send an email when your item(s) are ready for pick up.

Are all products available for store pickup?

Select products are not available for store pickup. (You’ll see this info when shopping online.) Some may need to be transferred from our warehouses or another store, so these items may take longer to be ready.

What is the difference between store pickup and shipping to home?

Store pickup is free, so you won’t pay for shipping. If you prefer the have items sent to your home, we offer free shipping for orders over $50 shipped within Canada.

Where do I collect my order?

Collect orders either outside at the storefront (at some locations) or inside the store (as permitted by local health regulation). As we are complying with all health and safety regulations, you’ll need to abide by social distancing guidelines, and you may need to wait to enter the store. To collect orders at the storefront, call the phone number posted, and staff will bring your order to you outside.

Is it safe, like curbside pickup?

We chose not to call this curbside pickup, as we wanted to be very transparent about the process. (You will need to park your car or bike and come to the front door.) We are following all provincial and federal health and safety regulations. Staff practice and promote preventive behaviors and all locations are being deep cleaned regularly. It is as safe as we can make it. 

What if I’m not feeling well?

If you’re feeling unwell, please don’t come to a store. We’ll welcome you back when you’re in good health again .

Can I change my pickup location after placing an order?

No, once you’ve placed an order for a specific location those items must be picked up where the order was placed.

Can someone else pick up my order?

Yes. When you place the order, include the name of your designated “pickup person” and remind them to bring photo ID, so we can make sure we’re handing over your order to the right person. Note: we need a full name (cab drivers, Uber drivers or couriers cannot pick up orders). If you want to select a different person to pick up your order after it’s been placed, contact our Service Centre.

What do I need to bring with me?

MEC requires government issued photo ID to release orders to the designated individual. We also ask that you have our order number on hand to help staff locate your order quickly.

How long do I have to pick up my order?

We request that you pick your product up within 7 days of receiving confirmation of your product being ready for pick up.

Can I pick up bikes, boats, or oversized products?

We offer pickup for bikes, boats, and select other products. If it’s not indicated as on option on our website, our Service Centre may be able to help fulfill your order at select stores.

Will you help load boats or bikes onto my vehicle?

Staff cannot help you load or secure items to your vehicle. You are responsible for safely transporting larger items such as boats. 

Will everything be ready at the same time?

To get items to you quickly, if your order contains multiple itemssome may be available for pickup earlier than others. Please ensure you read order pickup emails carefully. 

Can I ship to home and do store pickup on the same order?

Sadly, no. All items that are ordered need to be fulfilled by the same means. Place separate orders to have them delivered by different methods.

Need help?

Read our Shipping FAQ or contact our Service Centre.