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Find out how to purchase a bike online and get it shipped directly to you, along with how to assemble the bike once it arrives.

How to buy a bike online

On the hunt for a new bike? Find out how to purchase a bike online and get it shipped directly to you, along with how to assemble the bike once it arrives.

  1. Take a look at our selection of bikes and find your new ride.
  2. Once you have selected your new bike, give our customer care team a call at 1 (888) 847-0770.
  3. Not sure about your size? Our customer care team can help you with that too.
  4. We’ll help you with any questions you might have about the bike you have selected, get your shipping information, and process your payment.
  5. Before your new bike is boxed up, one of our bike mechanics will prep it for shipping. It'll be 95% assembled in the box (you'll do the finishing touches on assembly when it arrives).
  6. That’s it, your new bike is on its way!
  7. Once your bike arrives, it is time to get handy. Gather the tools you’ll need – wondering what those tools are? Watch our assembly video. Assemble your bike using the instructions that came in the box and outlined below.
  8. If you’re not the mechanical type, don’t worry, lots of us don’t know the difference between a T25 and a 4mm hex. When you order your bike, you can choose to ship it to your local MEC store for complete assembly and pick it up in-store.
  9. Step back and admire your new bike, new bike days are kind of a big deal.

Shipping expectations

If we are shipping your bike straight to you, know it takes a little longer than your normal sock order. Since our mechanics fully assemble and then partially disassemble your bike, there will be a slight delay between when you order your bike and when you get your shipping confirmation (expect roughly 7-14 business days for delivery). Rest assured, that as soon as your new bike leaves MEC, you will receive an email with shipping and tracking information.

Before you buy

Make sure you’re comfortable working on a bike; our mechanics take care of most of the heavy lifting, but there’s still work to do between unboxing and rolling out. Watch this video, if everything in there sounds familiar, or at least doable, you’re ready to build your bike. If that video felt like a bit much, it might be a good idea to get your bike sent to the local MEC bike shop, where we’ll fully assemble it for you for free.

Ensure you’re ready for your new bike to arrive. Here are a few key things that will get you on the right path:

  1. Helmet: for safety on bike routes or trails.
  2. Bike pump: tires will need topping up.
  3. Pedals: not all bikes come with them.
  4. Bike multi-tool: most (if not all) of the little bits you will need to tighten and adjust your bike.
  5. Shock pump: if you’re the proud owner of a new mountain bike, your suspension will need to be set up for you. If you need one, you can find shock pumps on our website, here.

When your bike arrives

Gather your tools, review the included instructions – even rewatch that video, and build!

Prior to shipping, your bike was completely assembled, tuned, and adjusted by a certified MEC bike mechanic. The bike was then partially disassembled to be shipped out, so everything you and your bike needs will be right there.

Want even more information? Check out our quick start guide and full assembly guide.

If you run into any questions, feel free to give us a call at 1 (888) 847-0770, we are here, every pedal of the way.


Will the bike be fully assembled?

All bikes arrive 95% built with final assembly required including:

  • Handlebar
  • Pedals
  • Seat
  • Tire Inflation

What tools do I require to assemble the remainder of the bike? (Or order to pick up at your local MEC for free assembly!)

  • 4mm, 5mm, and 6mm Allen Keys
  • 15mm, Open End Wrench
  • Bike pump

Are freight charges refundable?

Freight charges are non-refundable.

Who do I call if I need help with bike assembly?

Contact our Customer Care team 1 (888) 847-077, to be connected with one of our experts! Or you can bring your bike into a local MEC service shop to talk to one of our certified mechanics.

How long does it take until I receive my order?

We want to ensure your bike is in tip-top shape! Our mechanics will perform safety checks and you'll receive your bike within 7-14 business days of placing the order.

Terms and Conditions - Partially Assembled Bikes

Bicycles shipped from MEC are assembled and adjusted by qualified technicians. Certain parts (including wheels, seat posts, pedals, handlebars) may not be included in the assembly for easier transport. Consequently, you will need to assemble these parts once you receive your bicycle. You must follow all instructions supplied with your bike, including regarding assembly and testing. If you need additional support, please visit your local bike mechanic or reach out to the MEC Service Center. You will use your bicycle for its intended purpose and follow the assembly instructions accompanying the bicycle and available on our website, or the website of the bike manufacturer. You will also observe the permissible load specifications and the prescribed maintenance intervals.

You are solely responsible for the final assembly of your bike, and for regular care and maintenance. You also assume the risk of any injury to person or property resulting from, arising out of, or related to your assembling of your bike. Notwithstanding anything contrary in this Agreement, MEC will not be liable to you for any indirect, consequential or special damages.

The Terms of Sale are available and apply to all bicycles shipped from MEC.