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Questions about MEC

Can I make a purchase without a membership?

Yes. In stores, you can checkout as a guest, but you won’t be covered by MEC’s Rocksolid Guarantee or 30-day price match. When you shop online, we’ll add a membership to your account. Services such as events and expert sessions are held exclusively for members. Learn more about member benefits

I was a member of MEC years ago, am I still a member?

Yes indeed. A MEC membership doesn’t expire. To access all the perks, use your member number or the email linked to your account when you shop. If you need a hand finding your member info, call us or email

Can I use someone else’s membership?

A membership is individual. It is not sharable or transferrable. But it’s fine to use your membership to buy gifts for others or to gear up your kids.

Can you open a store in my town?

MEC’s goal is to help all Canadians lead more active outdoor lifestyles, and we want people across Canada to be able to access our great gear and events. We demographic research to plan our next move. In the meantime, you can always find us online at

Do you have any MEC stores in the USA?

We do not currently have any MEC locations outside of Canada, but members are welcome to use from virtually anywhere in the world.

Why don’t you stock all items in every store?

Our store space is limited, so we sometimes have to make the difficult decision not to carry certain items in a particular store. If you come to an MEC store and don’t find what you’re looking for, ask a staffer. We’ll help you order what you’re looking for as quickly as possible.

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