Climbing gear special offer

10% off climbing package

Buy your rock shoes when you buy a harness (or harness package) and get 10% off both. Plus, get 10% off this other climbing gear you purchase at the same time:

  • Belay device
  • Helmet
  • Locking carabiner
  • Chalk bag
  • Chalk

Offer available all year and applies only to regular price, in-stock merchandise listed above. Maximum of one item per category. All discounted accessories must be purchased in the same transaction as the harness (or harness package) and climbing shoes.

10% off passive pro and quickdraws

Buy 10 or more items from a set of passive pro: nuts, hexes or Tri Cams, and save 10% on the lot. (Not available for cams or tube chocks.)

Buy 6 of the same style of quickdraw and save 10% on the total.

10% off Metolius® cams

Buy 4 or more Metolius cams and get 10% off.

Please note:

  • Discounts apply to regular price, in-stock merchandise.
  • Sorry, these offers cannot be completed through our website.
  • Call 1 (888) 847-0770 to arrange shipping and receive the discount.