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    Finding the right kid's bike

    Bikes play a huge role in childhood experience. Bikes supply the freedom to explore places farther than just your backyard. They also help develop road safety skills, motor skills, and independence.

    Sizing a kid for their first bike is always tricky because they grow so fast. So, a tip is to always think ahead when buying the right bike.

    If your child is a toddler, and still learning how to control their motor skills a balance bike will be a perfect bike for them. A balance bike allows them to mimic the act of riding a bike by pushing their bike around without pedals to help develop the control and balancing aspect of cycling.

    After the balance bikes depending on the size of your child a 12” to 16” bike is the way to go after the toddler years. These bikes are usually equipped with simple shifting and brake systems that will help kids gain confidence with ease.

    The moment you see a kids knees start to touch their handlebars while riding it's time for their final upgrade in the kids bikes realm which is 20” bikes to 26”. With these types of bikes, you have a lot more room to explore the choice of bikes available such as mountain bikes, BMX’s and hybrids.

    Bikes are a huge development tool for kids, and they can make great memories for everyone. If you are still unsure of what type of bike works best for kids, this helpful guide on biking with kids will walk you through the process.