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How to après like a pro

Après skiing is all about connecting with your buds and reliving the best moments of your ski day. Any day on the slopes is a good day… and it gets even better when you follow it up with good music, good drinks and good stories. So get ready to laugh, let loose a little and après like a pro with these ideas:

Look for live music

livemusic - Esther in NY (dens friend)

It’s difficult to imagine a better way to enjoy an après party than singing and dancing with friends. Aside from the obvious fun factor, singing and dancing has been shown to release stored muscle tension from a hard day of sending. Follow the locals to find the best après ski spot in town to turn up the beats.

Fuel your recovery

Skiers eating on the patio

Skiing is hard work and burns a ton of calories – fact! Replacing those calories is crucial in order for you to hit the slopes hard again the next day. It’s easy to sift through restaurant ratings and reviews on your phone, but this is the time to strike up a conversation and benefit from some local knowledge. Maybe the town is famous for falafel, known for nachos, or home to a pulled pork paradise. Chat up some locals and get the goods on where to go for après ski snacks, great grub and any deals to be had that day.

Relax and unwind

After ripping down runs all day, you might want to just chill. If the place you’re staying at has a hot tub (or if you know someone else who does), go for a soak; many places will let you use the tub for a day fee. Otherwise try to check out the local community centre to use their hot tub. No pool? No worries. Use a foam roller or massage stick to work out the tight spots, toss some Epsom salts in a hot bath, or start a massage train with your powder pals.

Keep crushing

If you’re still craving more time in the snow, look into night skiing – some places charge less than $30 a ticket for night skiing so this can be a way to get more time on the hill. If you’ve had enough of the slopes but still have energy to burn, most mountain towns have lots to do beyond skiing and snowboarding, like indoor rock climbing or bouldering.

Get stoked on sleep

Whenever there’s more than 15cm of fresh in the forecast, I make it a rule to skip the night out and get a good sleep so I’m ready to rip for first chair. Après is an awesome tradition, but fresh tracks and face shots will always take priority.

Dennis Begley
Dennis Begley

Ambassador team leader, content creator and mid-pack ultrarunner who understands the importance of a lengthy taper. If there’s any gnar around, chances are he’s shredding it.