Transparency and reporting

Good governance is about making every decision with the long-term interests of MEC in mind. It means our leadership, processes and policies create the conditions for sound decision making, and that we are consistent, responsive and accountable to our members.

To stick to our commitment of good governance, MEC’s Board follows leading governance standards and practices:

  • Having open, two-way communication with members
  • Publicly sharing our Board and Committee job descriptions
  • Abiding by our Code of Conduct, which ensures the Board upholds MEC values and acts with integrity
  • Following procedures for disclosing and handling any potential conflicts of interest
  • Overseeing MEC’s external auditor
  • Ensuring our Board has the right skills and abilities
  • Overseeing CEO performance evaluating annual Board and director performance.

If you have any questions regarding governance, please contact us at

Annual and financial reports

We put together an annual report to let members know about the successes and challenges MEC faced in the previous year. MEC’s consolidated financial statements are available to all – members and non-members alike.

Board attendance

The MEC Board meets five times a year, for two or three days each time. Each committee also meets between three to five times a year and directors normally serve on two committees. Directors attended 97% of Board meetings and 97% of Committee meetings during the 2018–19 board year.

Board compensation

The Board’s compensation structure is approved by the membership at our Annual General Meeting.

At the 2018 AGM, members approved a new retainer-only compensation framework, including a 2.5% increase each year until 2021. Directors no longer get paid meeting fees for each meeting they attend, but receive an annual retainer to reflect their responsibilities and duties.





Annual Board Chair Retainer $63,282 $64,865 $66,486
Annual Director Retainer $35,282 $36,164 $37,068
Additional Retainer for chairing the Finance and Audit Committee $6,720 $6,888 $7,060
Additional Retainer for chairing a committee (other than Finance and Audit) or for Director acting as Vice-Chair $4,480 $4,592 $4,707
Additional Retainer for sitting on a committee (but not chairing) $1,088 $1,115 $1,143


Board compensation policy also requires disclosure of annual compensation paid to each MEC director, excluding reimbursements for expenses and travel. For the 2018–19 board year, directors were compensated as follows:

Director Total compensation 2018–19 board year
Ellen Pekeles (Chair) $63,282
Daniel Blanche (Governance Chair) $43,563
Rob Campbell (Nominations Committee Chair) $40,850
Matthew Handford $37,458
Shawn Mitchell $37,458
Judi Richardson (Human Resources & Compensation Committee Chair) $40,850
Kathy Uher (Technology Committee Chair) $41,450
Bob Wallis (Finance and Audit Chair) $43,340
Kathy Weston $40,171

Governance disclosure statements

As part of MEC’s commitment to good governance, the Board publishes a governance disclosure statement to describe its performance in key areas.